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《琵琶行》 白居易 (772-848) __ 江紹倫譯

     Pipa Music RoundBai Ju Yi          江紹倫譯                 

潯陽江頭夜送客   At river’s Xun Yang Station I parted a friend one autumn night
楓葉荻花秋瑟瑟   Maple leaves and reed flowers scattered to sadly sigh
主人下馬客在船   I dismounted to greet my friend he was already on his boat
舉酒欲飲無管絃   We raised our cups to drink hearing no musical notes
醉不成歡慘將別   Without a song we drank flatly our hearts were heavy
別時茫茫江浸月   The moon in the river seemed to suggest our separation finality
忽聞水上琵琶聲   At that instant the sound of pipa flowed from the water
主人忘歸客不發   We stood still while our boat pulled out its anchor
尋聲暗問彈者誰   We traced the source of music to find the musician
琵琶聲停欲語遲   In a moment of silence a hesitant pipa player entered our vision
移船相近邀相見   We moved our boat near to invite her over
添酒回燈重開宴   While we refurbished our party goodies for her to join us

千呼萬喚始出來   She appeared shy even after repeated calls and urges sincere
猶抱琵琶半遮面   Holding her pipa to shield half her face as she moved to the center
轉軸撥絃三兩聲   Twice or thrice she plucked the strings to test the sounds
未成曲調先有情   Before we heard a tune her music already touched us profound
絃絃掩抑聲聲思   The melodies revealed her deep thoughts and pathos strong
似訴平生不得志   As if telling about her unrealized wishes life long
低眉信手續續彈   With brows lowered she played her instrument naturally
說盡心中無限事   To articulate social events and private feelings convincingly
輕攏慢撚抹復挑   Light plucks and brisk runs released all her emotions out
初為霓裳後六么   From the scores of “Green Apparel” and “Colorful Clouds”
大絃嘈嘈如急雨   The heavy strings thrummed her theme like pattering rains
小絃切切如私語   The light strings tinkled in soft reverberating rings
嘈嘈切切錯雜彈   As loud patters and soft murmurs mixed to orchestrate
大珠小珠落玉盤   The notes and phrases resonated like pearls dropping in a jade plate
閒關鶯語花底滑   Oriole trills sliding through flower petals delightfully dinged
幽咽泉流水下灘   Sad sobs continuous trickled from a lingering spring
水泉冷澀絃凝絕   At times the cold water seems to congeal notes from the strings
凝絕不通聲漸歇   And submerge melodic sounds into fading hints
別有幽愁暗恨生   Still we heard vague grieving regrets in communicate
此時無聲勝有聲   Silence affected our souls more than loudness inundate
銀瓶乍破水漿迸   In a moment we heard the abrupt burst of a silver jar
鐵騎突出刀鎗鳴   And saber clashes of soldiers riding steeds rumbling past
曲終收撥當心畫   Before the music ended she swept on the strings right across
四絃一聲如裂帛   All four strings exploded in a sound of tearing silk cloth
東船西舫悄無言   Silence reigned among listeners on boats left and right
唯見江心秋月白   At mid-river the moonshine was especially bright

沈吟放撥插絃中   Then she pensively slid the plectrum between the stings
整頓衣裳起斂容   And rose to tell us her story with a composed mien
自言本是京城女   I was born in the Capital she began to narrate
家在蝦蟆陵下住   At the foot of Toad Hill my home located
十三學得琵琶成   At thirteen I learned to play the pipa the best way
名屬教坊第一部   My skills had put me among peers in prime place
曲罷曾教善才服   With every performance I earned warm encouraging praises
妝成每被秋娘妒   My beauty became the envy of maidens of yesterday
五陵年少爭纏頭   Young men crowded around to shower gifts on me
一曲紅綃不知數   A single performance would return rolls of fine silk free
鈿頭銀篦擊節碎   Being young I wasted my years collecting hairpins in silver
血色羅裙翻酒汙   And allowed spilled wine to stain my silk gowns so improper
今年歡笑復明年   Time disappeared as I laughed my joyous life away
秋月春風等閒度   With the flow of moonlit nights in autumn and breezy spring days
弟走從軍阿姨死   With my younger brother joined the army and our servants gone
暮去朝來顏色故   My beauty began to fade as time wore on
門前冷落車馬稀   No longer were there carriages and fine steeds at my door
老大嫁作商人婦   So I married a merchant realizing my prime no longer in store
商人重利輕別離   My merchant husband cared for money more than for me
前月浮梁買茶去   He was often away doing trades on tea
去來江口守空船   Being his wife I watched time go by on a boat empty
繞船月明江水寒   In nights with shining moon my boat house was not homey
夜深忽夢少年事   I often dreamed of happy years washed away so free
夢啼妝淚紅闌干   And woke up to find my rouge face drowned in tears

我聞琵琶已嘆息   Listening to her sad music I sighed feeling pain
又聞此語重唧唧   Now hearing her story I sighed again and say
同是天涯淪落人   You and I are both in misfortune drifting from shore to shore
相逢何必曾相識   With this encounter need we have known each other before
我從去年辭帝京   I was banished from office in the Capital last year
謫居臥病潯陽城   To live a degraded life in sickness at Xun Yang near here
潯陽地僻無音樂   This place is too primitive to feature melodic songs
終歲不聞絲竹聲   I have not heard any sophisticated music all year long
住近湓城地低濕   Dwelling by the river the grounds are damp and low
黃蘆苦竹繞宅生   My house is amid scattering bamboo and wild reeds yellow
其間旦暮聞何物   What is there to hear from dawn to dusk ample
杜鵑啼血猿哀鳴   But repeating cuckoo calls and gibbon cries frightful
春江花朝秋月夜   On most spring morns and autumn moon evenings
往往取酒還獨傾   All I could do is to get drunk alone for entertaining
豈無山歌與村笛   Of course there are village pipes and mountain songs to hear
嘔啞嘲哳難為聽   But they are crude noises grate to the ear
今夜聞君琵琶語   I listen to you playing the pipa tonight
如聽仙樂耳暫明   Your divine music sooths my heart empowering me to hear fine
莫辭更坐彈一曲   It would be so pleasing if you would play us an encore
為君翻作琵琶行   In return I promise to write about your performance I so adore

感我此言良久立   She showed her gratitude by standing respectfully
卻坐促絃絃轉急   Then sat down to play the strings with quick sweeps elegantly
淒淒不似向前聲   Her superb performance produced tunes sad and dreary
滿座重聞皆掩泣   The audience was mesmerized and began to weep freely
座中泣下誰最多   Who wept the most among the people in the party
江州司馬青衫濕   None other than the host on blue robe sobbing unceasingly

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