The 16th Wah Yan International Conference will be held in Hong Kong in 2019, to celebrate the Centenial Anniversary of Wah Yan College Hong Kong.

Year_Location --Theme 

1988_Hong Kong --Wah Yan Family Around the World
1990_Vancouver -- Unity is Strength
1992_Hong Kong -- Wah Yan Spirit
1994_San Francisco -- Towards a Global Wah Yan Community
1996_Hong Kong -- Wah Yan Towards Year 2000
1998_Calgary -- New Wave of Wahyanites
2000_Los Angeles -- Wah Yan Spirit in the New Millennium
2002_Toronto -- Beyond Nostalgia
2004_Hong Kong --  Timeless Bonding
2006_Vancouver -- The Unforgettable Link
2008_Hong Kong -- Timeless Bonding in Action
2010_Los Angeles -- Wah Yan Education, Spirit and Service
2012_New York -- Men for Others
2014_Hong Kong -- Heritage of the Jesuits
2017_San Francisco -- Setting the world on fire: Service as the fuel of Wahyanites' life journey