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Class 1965

Articles and News of Class 1965

Mini-Rhapsody in Toronto (Class of '65)

"Eliza & I would like to thank John Fung and Andrew Tang hosting a mini-Rhapsody dinner in Toronto for us during this pandemic period. We shared some laughs and memories of previous Rhapsodies especially the ones in Montreal and Collingwood. Here are a few photos taken during this happy dinner meeting with lobster, yellow fin and eel dishes (click on the image to see more).

Mini Rhapsody in Toronto

We look forward to future bigger Rhapsodies when the pandemic subsides.

Don Yau ('65)"

《拜讀各位學長鴻文有感》~ 李秉坤 (’65)



李秉坤 (’65)

Musical Interludes - Jimmy Chan ('65)

Jimmy Chan

Recently Jimmy has recorded a duet album of 18 pieces played by him and Yolanda. The album includes a variety of music ranging from simple pieces like the Chopsticks to more advanced pieces like the Peer Gynt by Grieg. Click the image above to listen.

《念 陳重祥同學》 ~ 鄧偉燊 ('65)

Dermot and Andrew

Click here to read 《In Memory of Dermot》by Andrew Tang, and more pictures here.

《追憶 湯維強 教授》- 陳中健('65)


James Tong


《Mementos of James Tong '65》by Nancy Tong

James Tong and Mom

James loved and adored our mom.  They shared a truly amazing relationship.  Our mom passed away on 17 October 2000 in Toronto Canada.  To commemorate the 20th anniversary of her death, James had planned a family reunion.  But his own illness and eventual death on 3 October - two weeks before mom's day of remembrance - tragically ended his plan.   When I looked through my footage of James throughout the years, it is no surprise that his eulogy at mom's funeral moved me the most.  There he was, the loving son remembering his mother with tenderness and intense emotions.  I thought this would be a most fitting way to remember him - his love for our mom which was the foundation for his love for humanity. I think he will approve too.


On Thanksgiving

Andrew and Dermot

on Thanksgiving,
with Dermot and lots of thanks to give.
by Andrew Tang ('65)

Shared Memories of James Tong ('65)

Class of 1965 Form 5A

Some photos with James from the past class activities:




《記「御婚」的演出》 湯維強

Click here to read the article.

《華仁學報~創刊號》from 宋恩榮('65)

Click here to read the article.

《音樂晚會前後》from 宋恩榮('65)

Click here to read the article.

《從馬尼拉看「香港人」》 湯維強

Click here to read the article.

《View on Current Pandemic》 James Tong

Click here to read the article.

《Celebration of Life》 by C.K. Chan (’65)

James’ favorite song from YK rang a resonance. Other James’ friends and colleagues have written poems and articles in regard to James. Here comes the “Last Night a Nightingale Woke Me”


For some reason, this song came up in my mind from the school days in Wah Yan. I could recall the lyrics almost completely. Do you all remember singing this song in music class? I found the lyrics on the Internet -

Last night the nightingale woke me, Last night when all was still; It sang in the golden moonlight >From out the woodland hill. I opened my window so gently, I looked on the morning dew, And oh, the bird, my darling, was singing, Singing sweet songs of you. I think of you in the daytime, I dream of you by night; I wake and wish you were here, dear, And tears are blinding my sight. I hear low whispers in the pine trees, A-floating through and through, And oh the wind, my darling, is sighing, Oh sighing for you, for you. The stream, the night, the woods a-flowing, The stars above the blue, All heaven itself, my darling, is dreaming, Dreaming and praying for you. Just dreaming of you, sweetheart!

Stephen Lee

Another one on “How I not keep thinking of him 教我如何不想他”

刘半农词 趙元任曲


and this one is more correctly sung - in “不想“,the 不should be half the time of 想。



《友誼不變、明天共創》compiled by Stephen Lee ('65)

For fond memories of mini reunions more than 13 years ago, I have found the following four Youtube videos. They feature piano playing by Jimmy Chan and lyrics by Raymond Lee. Enjoy and reminisce!





《Fr. Albert Chan S.J. (1915 – 2005)》 by James Tong

Click here to read the article.

《Eulogy for Fr. Albert Chan S.J. (1915-2005)》 by James Tong

Click here to read the article.

《Toselli for James》 by Francis Choi ('65)

James and I used to sing this song together, he did it in Chinese while I had the English part.  Other songs, especially "One Day When We Were Young", were mostly sung in unison.

《Reincarnation House of Cards》 by Stephen Lee('65)

Click here to read the article.

《教我如何不想他》 ~ 鄧偉燊('65)

James Tong




---------劉半農 1920.9.4

趙元任唱:教我如何不想他 (1936) - https://youtu.be/UceaEkSnAGk

斯義桂(1915-1994) : 教我如何不想她 - https://youtu.be/kEB5afO6jRA


Mementos of James Tong

Click here to read the article by CK Chan and the Family.

Click here to read the article by 张敬珏、解村、吴爽.

《A Tribute to an Exemplar, a Scholar and a Moralist》 by Wilson Lee '65

James and Wilson

Click here to read the article.

James Tong ('65) RIP - Condolences from Class of '65

James Tong

James Tong

"One Day When We Were Young"

A video of a tribute to the favorite song of James Tong, "One Day When We Were Young", with Chinese lyrics translated by James.

Fr. James Hurley, SJ - Vincent Lee '65

Dear Members of the WYK65 Class:   

久違了, 你們好 !  I have not written directly into this forum for a very long time (other than recently in a few incidental cc's).

This evening, I am sadden to have to share with you the following sad news which I just found out a few minutes ago, about the passing of Fr. James Hurley.

Fr. Hurley never taught me in class between 1959 to 1965 - anyone of you ever taught by him during our time?

I remember I had a brief chat with him on a Saturday afternoon in the summer of Form 4/5 while we were having our regular scout meeting.  I was planning with a few junior scouts about their "second class badge" 8-miles journey...... with maps laid out on a table in the hallway outside the teachers' room.  He walked by, saw us, came close to say hello, dressed in his clerical white suite; looked like he just returned from outside, on his way back up to the quarters upstairs.  He was very friendly, with a big smile....., none of the "seriousness" of Fr. Farren or Fr. Chan.  He asked: "Who is the leader?"  I raised my hand "I am...."  (I was the Scout Instructor for Junior B at the time - got demoted from the Senior Troop.... because Junior B needed a "yellow broom").  He asked me a few questions about what we were doing.....; said something like "excellent activity....".  That was it.

Read more ...

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