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Class 1962

Class 1962

Articles and News of Class 1962 (visit the website)

《Class 62 dinner_18 April》__ Alex Mak

Dinner6Apr18 001

[Please click the image to view the happy moments.]

Dear all,
April found the WYK62 HK chapter having a dinner gathering at Li Yue Mun for a seafood dinner. We were very happy to be able to enjoy the rare company of Albert & Yvonne Young who happened to be visiting HK at the time. Unfortunately, Dunson Cheng, who was also in town then, came down with the flu and had to cry off at the last minute - ditto Michael & Tracy Leung.
Kudos should be handed to - Henry Leung, whose connection at the venue plus his careful planning of the sumptuous menu of lip smacking goodies more than enhance the happy occasion. Not forgetting our very generous Michael, who, even though cannot attend, still provided the excellent wines, red & white, the glorious cake as well as transportation plus driver for 4 passenger, much much appreciated. Bravo & well done to both of you !
So, the 19 of us had a great time, as usual, and there are 32
photos in three batches to prove it ! Happy viewing,
P.S. Thanks also due to Poon Lai-yeung, who although not present, still helped by performing the editing of the finished pictures - much appreciated LY, thanks again !

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Bernard Yau Yu-kwong (62)

Dear all,
At our dinner gathering last night, March 15, the originator of this news revealed "inadvertently" that our beloved classmate Bernard Yau Yu-kwong 邱宇光 "沙田柚" [with whom many hours of sandy pitch football was happily spent] had passed away 2-3 years ago due to contracting a deadly flu virus at that time while transiting Hong Kong on his way somewhere else. Apparently it only took 3 days from start to finish; it was so deadly.
Therefore, SADLY, it is that time again - please see my AMENDED FILES ATTACHED.
Bernard - belatedly and with apologies, we all grief & commemorate your passing and I take solace in the thought that you are now resting in eternal peace in God's embrace !!!
With brimming eyes, from one of your sandy pitch soccer mates,
P.S. As the inadvertent revealor of this information so correctly remarked - he is under no obligation to keep me (or any WYK62) informed.


Dear all,

The much awaited 28 Nov WYK62 Dinner event last Tuesday at the Moon Koon Restaurant of the Happy Valley Race course building was a complete success with everything going according to plan.
How can anyone not be happy, especially those who were fed all night by generous host Michael Leung's magnum-size bottles of vintage French red wine from Chateau Montrose (1996/98) ?
Here are the photos to prove it !!! Happy viewing !
Best regards,

[Please click the image to view the album]

《Fr. Aloysius Tseng, S.J. (WYK;1959-1960;1966-1967)》__ Li Labbon


Father Gerald Aloysius Tseng (曾順年神父) was my Form 3C Form Master in 1959 to 1960. He was then 30 years old and was still a Jesuit scholastic. He was ordained priest in Dublin on 31st July, 1963.
He is now 88 years old but is still in good health. He is living in retirement, but is still active in St. Ignatius Church in Singapore.
The photographs were only recently taken..
I made it a habit of going to Singapore to visit him at least once a year. He was very kind to me when I was in Form 3C.
I am still going to St. Ignatius Chapel at Kowloon Wah Yan every Sunday for the 9:00am Mass.
The Pastor is now Father Thomas Leung (梁宗溢神父) of WYHK64 Class..

《Class 62_Lunch_20170918》__ Alex Mak

Dear all,
James Li and I had agreed to have lunch on Monday 18 Sep at 上環梨花苑韓國料理. However, maybe due to force of habit, I made additional phone calls and James did too.
The resultant happy gathering is what you see in the attached photo.

Class 62_ Michael Leung's Birthday Dinner

Dear all,
We had our first Dinner after the July and August Summer break on Thursday 7th Sept​. As September is also the month of Michael's Birthday, stands to reason that we took the opportunity to celebrate it with him and Tracy too, of course.
A very very good time was had by all, as usual, with the lion's share of the kudos belonging to the Birthday boy who as usual organised the Menu with the very sumptuous dishes as well as providing (for himself this time, for a change) the cake - not to mention the Bubbly and the free-flowing and delicious red wines. How can anyone not be happy, I ask you ! Bravo, well done once again, Michael, 3 cheers and Happy Birthday one more time !
​Happy viewing !

《62ers at WYIC Gala Dinner_7/22/2017》__ Bob Shen, David Koo

Bob Shen writes, "Now I understand why they chose the University of San Francisco to host this 15th International Conference for Wah Yan.

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《Albert and Victor Young in town》__(62)

The locals entertained Albert and Mrs Young, Victor Young and Mr. Anthony Ho to a enjoyable lunch on Monday, July 17.

Thanks to Peter making all the arrangement. Please click the image to view more photos taken by Peter.

Dinner_2017 June 26

Please click the image to view the album.

Dear all,

Our last WYK62 HK event, before the Jul/Aug Summer break, took place on 26 June (whick happened to be my Birthday month) at Victoria Harbour Restaurant situated inside the Mongkok MetroPark Hotel.

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《Thank You All 》__ Alex Mak (62)


Dear all,
During my prolonged stay in hospital, 探病孖寶 Dominic Lee and Francis Ip visited me twice, both times bearing gifts of congee & fruits etc for which I must express here once more my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation ! Also, Dominic stated that i should hurry up and get well so that he can treat me to a Yum Cha lunch to celebrate my new lease on life ! At the time, I thought they were mere words of encouragement (still quite good) and never thought it would really come true ! What a fool I was, to under-estimate the WYK education and one of its teachings - that our word should always be our bond ! 

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