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Class 1962

Class 1962

Articles and News of Class 1962 (visit the website)

Kevin Tong in town

Peter Wong arranged a lunch with some class members on July 10, 2013 when Kevin and Edith Tong were in town.  Mr. Anthony Ho was invited to join in the fun.

Kevin briefed his meeting with Tak Mak in layman language on Tak's cancer breakthrough.  A lively discussion on how to stay healthy in exercises and how to stay happy doing voluntary services for seniors in homes.  Paul meets with Mrs. Choy, wife of Choy Sir, regularly.  There was also talk on the upcoming gathering in Hong Kong next year.

The couple left for home the next day.

Please click here to view the album.

Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RaARHnWsnA&feature=youtu.be
for what Mr. Ho considers the best closing remarks of functions he has attended.  Go to the end and have a laugh on Kelvin's interpretation of Wah Yan Spirit in Chinese.

Mak Tak-Wah


Mak Tak-Wah is in the news on a "sharpshooter" drug to prevent cancer growth and it is ready for human testing.

Please click the image to read the news on Toronto Star.

Ming Pao Toronto report.

Fairchild TV's Timeline Magazine.



Dear all,

Our June gathering for hotpot dinner took place on Sat 8th June and resulted in a record breaking attendance of 28 - strictly WYK alumni and wives !

Maybe the great turn-out was due to the fact that we shall have no more group gatherings until Sept ? 

Regardless, another marvelous evening to be added & cherished in all our fading memories ! Enjoy !

Best regards,


(Please click the image to view the album, thank you.) 

祝賀百里學棣 畫展成功

hopaklee1"Pls be advised that David Koo's office has already arranged & delivered a Floral Arrangement (pls click the image) on behalf of all WYK62's to the Gallery to wish our Master Ho Pak Lee (WYK63) every success in his on-going personal exhibition which opens on Kowloon side today with a Cocktail Reception. 

'祝賀百里學棣  畫展成功  丹青妙手  名門百里  WYK62全体同學敬賀'    Best regards,    Alex"

2013 May Dinner

Dear all, 

Yes, you guessed it, yet another excellent and tremendously enjoyable fine dining evening has again been had by all of us in Hong Kong in May. See evidence attached !  

BTW, the resident photogs' admitted that not ALL dishes were captured in time as some went inside mouths so quickly that they were too slow pulling the trigger ! As the saying goes, believe that and you'll believe anything - ha ha !  

See you all locals again in June, plus those in town (York Chen from San Diego, CA was with us). 

Happy viewing !

Cheers !


[Click the image for the photo album]

2013 March Dinner

Dear all,

The regular monthly gathering (resumed) for March resulted in a seafood dinner at Lei Yue Mun in a familiar restaurant patronized by our Henry Leung who helped plan the menu and order the fabulous dishes as well as subsidized the total - thank you Henry!

The happy faces seen in the attached photos vouched for our full appreciation! Well done!

Cheers !


[Click the image for more happy photos.]


Dear all,

Since it was decided that we should have a 蛇年開年 dinner and having learned beforehand that David Koo's just had his Birthday not too long ago in Feb, I thought it might be a good idea to give him a surprise Birthday Party on the night. Thanks to Michael Leung & Ho Pak Lee, my co-conspirators, my plans were executed smoothly without hitches with last minute assistance provided by Ms Redy Ying, David's PA whom we've also invited to thank her for her most excellent assistance during our Reunion.

We managed to keep it a complete secret until dessert time when the birthday cake was wheeled in and the scroll so magnificently written by Master Ho was brought in for all to sign and present to the Birthday boy. The result was a most tremendous and memorable evening enjoyed by all, especially one David Koo (Please click the image to view the album).

Let David express it in his own words :-

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Final Bow for the 50th Anniversary Reunion

Dear all, 

This is to report that at last, the 65 Reunion DVDs sets (+ souvenir gifts) we prepared have all been distributed - barring only two still in my possession for delivery in person soon. The rest have gone around the world via various means, from human courier (e.g. to Vancouver) to Post Office Speed-post etc. 

For those who did not receive any copies, the reasons are several :-

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2013-01-18 06:53:00  来源: 香港成

- - - - - - - - -

……  王无邪 当代水墨香港学会永远会长

香港中环大会堂展覽時間:2013年1月20日至27日, 上午十時至下午七時
                                             2013年1月28日, 上午十時至下午三時
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
何百里 (62)


50th Anniversary Reunion__2012 November 5~8

Our 50th Anniversary Reunion by Raymond Lau Hon Kit.

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