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Class 1962

Class 1962

Articles and News of Class 1962 (visit the website)

Class 62_ Michael Leung's Birthday Dinner

Dear all,
We had our first Dinner after the July and August Summer break on Thursday 7th Sept​. As September is also the month of Michael's Birthday, stands to reason that we took the opportunity to celebrate it with him and Tracy too, of course.
A very very good time was had by all, as usual, with the lion's share of the kudos belonging to the Birthday boy who as usual organised the Menu with the very sumptuous dishes as well as providing (for himself this time, for a change) the cake - not to mention the Bubbly and the free-flowing and delicious red wines. How can anyone not be happy, I ask you ! Bravo, well done once again, Michael, 3 cheers and Happy Birthday one more time !
​Happy viewing !

《62ers at WYIC Gala Dinner_7/22/2017》__ Bob Shen, David Koo

Bob Shen writes, "Now I understand why they chose the University of San Francisco to host this 15th International Conference for Wah Yan.

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《Albert and Victor Young in town》__(62)

The locals entertained Albert and Mrs Young, Victor Young and Mr. Anthony Ho to a enjoyable lunch on Monday, July 17.

Thanks to Peter making all the arrangement. Please click the image to view more photos taken by Peter.

Dinner_2017 June 26

Please click the image to view the album.

Dear all,

Our last WYK62 HK event, before the Jul/Aug Summer break, took place on 26 June (whick happened to be my Birthday month) at Victoria Harbour Restaurant situated inside the Mongkok MetroPark Hotel.

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《Thank You All 》__ Alex Mak (62)


Dear all,
During my prolonged stay in hospital, 探病孖寶 Dominic Lee and Francis Ip visited me twice, both times bearing gifts of congee & fruits etc for which I must express here once more my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation ! Also, Dominic stated that i should hurry up and get well so that he can treat me to a Yum Cha lunch to celebrate my new lease on life ! At the time, I thought they were mere words of encouragement (still quite good) and never thought it would really come true ! What a fool I was, to under-estimate the WYK education and one of its teachings - that our word should always be our bond ! 

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Class 62__Cecilia and Simon Tsang (Toronto) in SF

          Brian Fung,      Patrick Hsu,       Philip Chai,    Richard Chang,     Joe Wei,         Simon Tsang

June 4, 2017
Dear Classmates,
Photos from last night attached (Please click the image).  So great seeing all of you and your better halves!! Thanks to Simon and Cecilia's visit, I got a chance to "re-unite" with Richard and Brian after I left Hong Kong 54 long years ago!!   No way we would have recognized each other had we bumped into each other on the street.  Thank you Richard for recommending the restaurant, good food and decent price!! Most important, the restaurant was comfortable, and wasn't too noisy nor crowded for our gathering!!  
Well, Simon and Cecilia -- enjoy the rest of your stay in the Bay Area! I am available Tuesday and Wednesday and if Brian can drive to meet me somewhere near SF airport, I can take you and Brian to visit Monterey and Carmel-by-the-sea.  Otherwise, we'll just have to wait until your next visit.  Our winter months here is much milder than Toronto so it's worth considering!
Richard -- don't forget the Wah Yan gathering at Peter Sien's place come 7/23 Sunday afternoon with dinner afterwards.  I will WhatsApp you the details once I have it. 
Take care, 

《20170420_Dinner》__ Alex Mak (62)

Dear all,
Unbeknown to you all, and unable to attend by me - the rest of our WYK62 classmates & spouses had a very enjoyable Seafood Dinner in Li Yue Mun in Cedric Lam's favourite restaurant on the evening of 20th April - with yours truly already suffering in hospital !
Anyway, green with envy and mouth watering even now, I nevertheless had to do my duty to distribute their joyful and contended faces around the world for you all to see ! Wish I were there !
Best regards,
[Please click the Group photo to view the album.] 

《Giving Credit Where It Is Due》__Alex Mak (62)

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Memorial Service of Chris Liang (62)

Dear all,
To those of you who may not have been following events too closely regarding the passing of our beloved classmate Chris Liang Kit RIP on 20 Feb 2017 in Las Vegas, there was a Memorial Service organised by the Liang family on Sat March 4th 2017 at 1pm at The Chapel inside All Saints Mausoleum, Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, 1500 Mission Rd.,Colma, CA 94014.
On behalf of WYK62's worldwide, six of our friends from North California formed a delegation, attended the Memorial Service, presented our Sympathy Card, signed the Guest Book, paid our collective respects to Chris Liang and offered our collective condolences to the family. (see photos taken at the event attached).
Please put all of our hands together to offer a WYK62 worldwide round of applause to these 6 classmates - namely Bob Shen, Patrick Hsu, Peter Sien, Steven Kong, Philip Chai and Joseph Wai - for a job well done on all our behalf. Most grateful and much appreciated. (I have also attached a summary of emails exchanged on the subject with my own expression of gratitude to our helpful 6).
In case you are wondering why there are 5 ex Shied Magazine class photos attached also, they are to do with Chris Liang's friends Victor Ling and Peter Lee who both happened to be WYKers as well. 
Here's what I found :-
1) WYK62 Victor Ling - He started as a WYK61 and repeated F.2 because I found him in F.2D under Fr. Doody in 1958 (attached pages 109/110) and then in F.2B again in 1959 (attached page 109 - but noted on bottom of photo in caption as absent). His Chinese name is 林德芬.
2) WYK59 Peter Lee - I found him on attached 1959 pages 97 & 98 in F.5B under Fr Finneran. His names is Lee Kwang Tsong 李光聰.
O?nce again, from all of us, thank you Joe, Peter, Bob, Patrick, Philip and Steve. Great job !!!

Take care all & have a nice week,

Photo Album; Emails of Attendants.

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