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Class 1965

Articles and News of Class 1965


Greetings from Rose and John Ho (65).  Click the image to view the photos.

"ATV2013 Hong Kong Loving Hearts" Voting

In 2011, Father Deignan was voted on-line and selected as one of the Loving Hearts of Hong Kong in an ATV programme (亞視2011感動香港年度人物).

This year, Vincent Leung (‘65) was selected as a candidate for the same title.

Voting from the public will be closed on September 19, 2013.

[Anecdote: “In Mr. Francis Kong’s book of Wahyanites, there are only 2 students who know English, and Vincent is one of them.”]

A Day in Vancouver

A Day in VancouverFrom Andrew Tang (’65)

“Early in the morning John and Amy picked us up at the waterfront SkyTrain station. The day was started with ping pong exercise at the private club house of Mack's. Mack, Stephen, John and Amy are good players of the game. After exercising and much sweating, James and every one of us went for dim sum nearby.

To kill the time in between lunch and dinner time, James, Catherine and I went to Mack's mansion to chat and share our experience and with classmates, what a treasured moment we have.

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65ers Dimsum Get-together

LongevityIt is quite sometimes since our classmates of 65ers have gotten together; happy to see that everyone is in good spirit, healthy physique and humorous as usual; and sampled the best 潮洲魚蛋粉 in town.
敬祝    舊生會、老師、同學,壽而康。

Click here to see the pictures.

重遊蒙特利爾 Montréal Revisited

Andrew and Catherine(From Andrew Tang '65)

無獨有偶,蒙城中華語文學校卅周年校慶,適逢我校舊生同學會卅周年慶典。內子與我應邀出席蒙城晚宴,與分別多年的義工好友再聚一堂,樂也融融。席間由校長及董事長頒發義工獎牌,五年十年者彼彼皆是,廾年者有十多位,卅年者亦有三人。國會議員狄安(Dion)  先生更多謝蒙城中校,在其選區推廣多元文化活動,頒發獎牌以茲記念。這次遊蒙,一為神功二為弟子,更可在小兒住所掛單,享用為我們準備的羊鞍晚餐,意式即磨熱奶咖啡,法式麵包,加上中式油菜薳。內子亦回饋她的拿手咖哩牛坑腩,配上意粉助膳。

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有朋自遠方來 不亦樂乎

Yiu-Kwok Chan (65) drove 5 hours from Ottawa to attend our 30th Annual General Meeting and the Dinner, held on Saturday, the 27th October 2012, at the Golden Regency Restaurant. Coincided with the return of John & Rose Ho from Hong Kong , Dermot Chan, Andrew & Catherine Tang attended the meeting and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the table with those of the 63ers. 

For those who could not join the AGM dinner, Dermot organized a luncheon on Monday, the 29th October, at the Prince of Seafood Restaurant; and thus, Gus Yeung, Jimmy Chan who has returned from an earlier European river cruise, John Fung who has just returned from a concatenated 126-days around-the-world cruise from Fort Lauderdale the night before, Yiu-Kwok, John & Rose, Ho Laoshi, Andrew & Catherine attended. After that, Yiu-Kwok had to brave the Hurricane Sandy’s mighty wind and heavy rain pouring down the Highway 401. 

On another occasion, Francis & Lydia Choi flew in from Beijing earlier in the month to visit his folks in town. We enjoyed a coffee break with them on Monday, the 8th October, at the nearby Unionville Town ; followed with a stroll around the Toogood Pond and a dinner at the Vince Seafood Restaurant with Dermot, Raymond & Anissa Lee. They visited Yiu-Kwok in Ottawa & Edwin Tse in Montréal; and returned to Beijing on Wednesday, the 24th October 2012. 


Until next time and herewith are some photos taken with our visitors. (Andrew Tang reports)

Class of '65 in Town

Class 65 in TownBonbon & Margaret Hu arrived from Vancouver to host a dinner party for the celebration of the marriage of their daughter, Grace to Sam, held at the Diamond Banquet Hall in Markham on Saturday, the 23rd June. His high school classmates and classmates from the Loyola College of Montréal were invited. Jimmy Wong (66), organizer of the IC2012 and classmate of Loyola, came all the way from New York to join the fun and promote the upcoming IC event. 
Gus & Betty Yeung invited Larry Hsiung & his Family for a lunch on Mother’s Day at the Ala Kitcken. Larry lives in San Francisco ; flew to Buffalo to attend his son’s convocation; drove to Mississauga the day before; and returned to Buffalo after having xiaolongbao in Markham .
Chung Yu-kwok happened to be in town and joined our class-luncheon gathering on Thursday, the 17th May at the Landmark Seafood Restaurant in Scarborough . Francis Ho & Dermot Chan organized another dinner get-together at the Prince of Seafood on Friday, the 15th June, before Yu-kwok’s return to HK later in the month.

Lim-ming Chui came from Philidelphia to support our participation of the Raimondi College Old Boys' Association Table Tennis Tournament held on the 7th July; and had lunch with his classmates at the Prince of Seafood Restaurant the next morning.

(Click here to see the pictures of the above occasions)

Visitors (Class of 65) in Town

Don Yau from Calgary, Heny Zee from LA and Francis Choi with Lydia from Beijing were entertained by the local Class of 65 members. Henry was last in Toronto for a world class Bridge Tournament in Royal York Hotel.
Sung Yun-wing with Pauline talked about his annual Marathons in Hong Kong. 

Andrew Tang was the expert oganizers of the two lunches and the dinner.  Click the image to view his pictures.

Edmund Kwok (65) Awarded a Doctor of Humanities Honoris Causa

Edmund KwokEdmund Siu Tong Kwok 郭少堂 (65) was awarded a Doctor of Humanities Honoris Causa in the States. Click here to see a video.
From Francis Choi (65), "You may know that Edmund had the job to create UIC - a joint Venture between Baptist U and 北京师范大学 in Zhuhai, China - from nothing some 5/6 years ago.  I had the privilege of working there for a short while and can attest to the dedication and hardwork that Edmund put in. Today, UIC has a brand new campus with 4,000 students, attaining the original target of full registration at UIC.
I am sure you will join me in congratulating Edmund for such a wonderful and ground breaking achievement."

Reporting from Japan



Rose, wife of John Ho (65), left Toronto on March 1 to tour Japan and was at Nikko when the disastrous quake hit Japan on March 11.  A seasoned traveller, she writes on her experience and observation during these difficult days.  Her reports from Nikko, Tokyo and Narita Airport are in our Blog site.

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