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Class 1965

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50th Anniversary Reunion - 2015 in HK

Dear classmates,

A few of us in Hong Kong had a meeting yesterday to discuss plans for our Reunion and we agreed on the following:

  • Our Reunion officially starts at 16:00 at WYK on Saturday 2015 10 17;
  • Full day in Hong Kong on Sunday 2015 10 18;
  • Full day in Zhuhai/Macau on Monday 2015 10 19; and
  • Three day trip to China with a possible two day extension from Tuesday 2015 10 20 to Saturday 2015 10 24 for those interested.

The shift of one day is to accommodate those of us in Hong Kong who are still working but would like to participate in local activities as much as possible.

To allow those of you from overseas to firm up your travel arrangements, the period for our 50th Reunion shall be fixed from Saturday 2015 10 17 to Saturday 2015 10 24.

You are urged to offer your ideas and suggestions on the following tentative plans for each day/event.

Saturday 2015 10 17 at WYK

16:00 - 18:00  Kick off of our 50th Reunion followed by casual activities on campus; dinner at YWCA across the street 18:00 - 22:00.   Prior to 16:00 some of you may wish to be there earlier, especially those who have not been back for quite some time.  I am happy to arrive around 14:00 to welcome you and your family.  I shall work with Norman So 苏中平 regarding specific details and would like to ask Vincent Leung 梁子正 to book the dinner venue.

Sunday 2015 10 18 in Hong Kong

Many ideas were proposed but no single one dominated.  Leslie Chang 张叔千 has agreed to take the lead to work with many classmates who are experts in local attractions - Regis Lo 罗烈光, Hugh Choy 蔡洪卿, Ling Shin Poe 林鑫宝 and Tam Wing Biu 谭永彪 to name a few.

Monday 2015 10 19 for Zhuhai/Macau

There are many developments in HengQin Zhuhai 珠海横琴 and a trip would offer insights to the pace of change in the area.  Edmund Kwok 郭少棠 has agreed to work out a schedule for sights in the area ending at 16:00 in Macau.  Joe Pang 彭振声 shall take over in Macau with help from Regis with the aim of having dinner at a suitable time so that the return trip to Hong Kong shall not be too late.

Tuesday 2015 10 20 to Saturday 2015 10 24  Trip to China

One of the key factors for China's rapid economic development is the comprehensive implementation of her infrastructure.  A ride on the high-speed train is a must.  John Shek 石如鹏 has agreed to take the lead, with help from other classmates who have done many trips before, to work out some options for a suitable 3+2 (optional extension) day trip to China.

A fairwell dinner is planned.  Depending on the travel plans for overseas classmates and attendance of the China trip, the specific day shall be determined nearer the time of our Reunion.

We shall all be closer to 70 than 60 next year and long distance travel could become progressively more challenging.  Hopefully, our overseas classmates would make an effort to return to Hong Kong to relive some memorable moments in our formative years and to share valuable life experiences amongst ourselves.

Not counting spouses, I hope we can get at least 20 from overseas and 30 locally.  Please help to spread the news.

Francis 敏康 (2015-12-05)

Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition





You are invited to the Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition where Andrew Tang (65), secretary of WYKAAO, has some of his works on display. His wife, Catherine, shows 2 pieces of cross-stitch embroidery of Chinese calligraphy.  Please click the image for details and photos.

Sichuan with 11th Group

Sichuan with 11th Group去年十月,六五同學暨十一旅童軍,李平章、何芃芃、張叔千、馮康泰、鄧偉燊、與其他親友,由康泰領隊遊四川。


翌日正式開始團隊行程,參觀熊貓基地、都江堰、青城山、寬窄巷子、金沙遺址、三星堆、上峨嵋金頂、下樂山大佛、飛九寨黃龍、爬四千米山凹、遊黃龍彩池、九寨山水、大足石刻、回重慶後,便各奔前程。 附沿途相片,以供查閱。

Tony Fong Ching (65)

Tony Fong with IBM in Shanghai for years has been in town for a month with his family.  He treated his classmates and his Form 1A Form-master, Mr. Ho, to breakfast in Markham on Thursday, July 24, before heading back to work the following week.

Please click the image to view more photos.   

Class '65 Mini Reunion in HK

Class '65 mini reunion in HKTAM Wing-Biu organized a mini-reunion dinner at the Fulam Restaurant near Laichikok MTR Station on May 20th at 7:00 pm - there were about 26 of us attended. Leslie complimented the dinner with 7 bottles of wine, making his head spinning the next day when writing the email, said by Lim-Ming.

Regis took those nice photos (click here to see). The mini-reunion was attended by Leslie & Helena Chang; George Chow & Junior; Hugh & Carrie Choy; Chui Lim-Ming & Annie; Chung Yu Kwok; John Ho; Brendan & Elaine Lai; Albert Lee; Frankie Lee; Adrian Leung; Vincent Leung; Regis & Virginia Lo; Joe & Teresa Pang; John Shek; Norman So; Tam Wing Biu & spouse; and Wong Pak Lun.

Congratulations to Andrew Tang ('65)

Congratulations to Andrew, Secretary of WYKAAO, who keeps all our functions and meetings in order.
His "little girl" in Coquitlam, BC, got married on May 31st.. 

MinKang and BonBon in Toronto

Class of 65 in Toronto hosted a dinner for Lydia/MinKang Cai and Margaret/BonBon Hu on 2014/04/10.  John Fung brought along 2 reds to pair the food nicely drawn up by Andrew Tang.  Mr. Anthony Ho was invited to enjoy the happy gathering.

Class of 65 -- 2014 February __ Hong Kong

"Thanks to Regis for organising this reunion.
We had a happy time chatting in the morning restaurant, a walk in windy Cheung Chau and later a sumptuous BBQ suckling pork in Sun Dou Kee." __ Adrian Leung

Please click the image to see more pictures.

Class of '65 - Gathering in Toronto

Class of '65 Gathering


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Vincent Leung (65)

ATV Hong Kong Loving Hearts 2013 Campaign

ATV 2013 十位感動香港年度人物之一:梁子正醫生



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