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Class 1965

Articles and News of Class 1965

《酒》《Wine》__ 梁子正


Sung Yun_Wing in Toronto


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當晚,黃展華老師依然神采奕奕,大談頤養天年之術,談及養生之道在於經常保持一個好心情,在家裏要有歌聲、笑聲(呻吟聲,我加上去的)。他談現家裏一切起居飲食一概由老伴一手操辦(他太太也年過九旬了)十分難得。黃老師並叮囑各位吃東西時要咀嚼一番,保持牙齒健康,此乃長壽之道。諄諄教誨,猶如當年,中曲西詞,經典名曲<帝女花>,黃老師尚且一展歌喉,整晚活動足足唱了個多小時,意猶未盡,依依不捨之情溢於言表。最後各同學都醉倒在1965年釀製的美酒中。由劉應源及湯維強以歌聲One Day When We Were Young並結束。

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《一鱗半爪》__ 彭振聲 (65)





蘇中平說在中六時Father Farren叫他用基督徒身份評論離緍的看法,說了十分鐘後神父要求他用非基督徒的看法,給了他很大的啟發,教會了他凡事都應兩面看,會得出不同的結論。(可惜Father Farren沒有這樣教我,還是不懂得雙面看)

當年有位同學,看霸王戲,讓人給抓了個正着回學校,最後神父-Father Deignan說原諒了他,而蘇中平帶同學生見戲院經理,希望不要報警,經理通融還說看霸王戲亦不應看這類咸戲,而該同學以後亦再也沒有犯錯,成為一個好學生。(我亦看過只沒有被抓而已)。

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50th Reunion - Class 65


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重溫心聲 Friends are Forever


Jimmy Chan 陳世豪 composed a song “重溫心聲“ (lyrics by Raymond Lee 李榮輝, also from Class ‘65) as a contribution to the 50th Anniversary Reunion for Class of 1965 in HK this October. Click the following to hear the piano version of recording by Jimmy.


Warm-up for 50th Reunion Gathering __ James Tong (65)

I wrote the attached poem on the day I heard the death of Anthony Ng in summer, 2006.  Then I asked my student 程琳 to translate it.  She did it in a day as a 宋詞 (江城子)。 I sent it to 芃芃 who read in at the memorial service.  He said that some guests starting to weep at the line “And now our table has an empty seat”.
In our reunion in Victoria, BC, we went to visit Anthony’s resting place.

《但願人長久 千里共禪娟》__ 彭振聲 (65)

《寫在中秋前夕》__ 彭振聲 [Ed. note: Please click to read an interview of Joe in The Shield, 1991-1992]

但願人長久 千里共禪娟
初見驚艷 驀然回首已是物是人非, 濸海變桑田了。歲月的正道是濸桑,卻帶不走一串串熱誠的名字和無遐情誼!
香港國際象棋協會會長,我們兩兄弟,一個會計師,一個律師,聯同紅頂商人徐展堂先生,從無到有歷盡艱幸先後收購中華漆廠、城巴、麗的呼聲. 正值壯年,前途無限,可惜弟弟英年早逝,在後來的日子不能再與我並肩,今人稀噓! 正所謂"出師未捷身先死,長使英雄淚滿襟”。

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Andrew Tang is 70+

At a dinner celebrating Andrew turning 70 on September 15,2015, out of town classmates came to share the happy occasion.  "Happiness added to happiness"; Andrew's first grandson arrived a few days before the event.  Andrew and Catherine took off to Vancouver to be with the young family for 3 weeks and then left for Hong Kong for the 50th Anniversary Reunion of Class of 65.

Please click the image to enjoy the photos of the evening.

Class of 1965 Mini Reunion in LA

Class 1965 Mini ReunionFrom Don Yau (65), "I have some photos taken in L.A. during my visit (May/2015).

Thanks a lot to you (CK Chan) and Marion for hosting the excellent home-made dinner at your house.

Special tribute must be paid to Luke Yau and his wife (Lucia) who managed to drive all the way from San Diego to meet us at CK's house. Professor James Tong also turned up as well.  From the photos, you would be amazed at how great these Southern Californians maintain their forever-young looks.

We even corralled another younger WYK alumni (of later years) to join our dinner that night. The photos will be another warm up to the WYK65 Golden Reunion event in HK."

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