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Class 1965

Articles and News of Class 1965

《Wilson Lee's Well Kept Secrets》__ James Tong (65)

DSC 8797DSC 8811Wilson Lee Shing-kan (65) recently retired from the Ontario Municipal Board as its Vice Chair where he wrote Ontario laws on land use, housing and urban planning. He was the recipient of the OBA Award for 2016.

Don’t ask me what OBA stands for. Probably it means the Obama award but Canadians don’t know how to spell. Or it could mean the Ontario Bar Association.

But he still kept up his high-brow interest in film and literature, stating his prejudiced opinions on the film “The Darkest Hour” (on Churchill’s war years), the literary works of 钱锺書, and how the Chinese term “風流“ should be translated. I should have asked him how he would translate the title of the Chinese film into English – 恨鎖瓊樓.

Lee to Receive 2016 OBA Award for Excellence in Municipal Law

James Tong (65, LA) in Town

DSC 8822 

Gus and Andrew organized an excellent luncheon at Casa Delux on May 22, 2018 to mark the visit of James Tong from LA.  In attendance were Lorna/Wilson Lee, Anisa/Raymond Lee, Betty/Gus Yeung, Catherine/Andrew Tang and Bonbon Hu.  Invited to join the happy gathering were Mr. Ho and Miss Gertrude Chan.

"Bonbon must have transmitted some of his 氣 to me yesterday when he made the demonstration on Ho sir. I felt supercharged for the rest of the day and still feel elated now. They were more than moments that took my breaths away. It was the élan that breathe new life to my neurons and red blood corpuscles. I was rejuvenated, back to the days when I was 13 to 20, when 何老大 was still young and Aras could punch Wilkinson.

In one way, it was better than 13 to 20. It was Buy One, Get One Free. I got to talk to Anissa, Betty, Catherine, Gertrude, and Lorna. They have embellished my life as they have enriched yours.

So thank you, one and all, especially to Andrew and Gus who organized this, and to Ho sir who continues to teach us lessons of life.


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Class 65 Lunch on May 14, 2018

DSC 8782 

Lunch hosted by John Fung.  Please click the image to view the happy moments.

Class of '65 - 20th Anniversary Reunion in 1985

Class of '65 - 20th Anniversary Reunion in 1985

“敏康,多謝分享你的珍藏 — 《敏康八五年珍藏録像》。
後排 — 黃佩翰 、梁子正、蘇中平、黃伯麟、陳世豪、衛向榮?、鍾裕國、叢學禮、李念弘、吳耀男、梁文華、曾祥、丘蘇生、曾守傑?、黎慶𤍥、林光明、周仁傑?、劉文煒。
中座 — 李國璋、鄧偉燊、李平章、劉繼業老師、江之鈞老師、蔡敏康、雲漢邦?。
前排 — 郭少棠、蘇偉林、張叔千、韋季南、岑定平、梁文甫、彭振球。


Hu Bonbon (65) at Markham Mon Sheong Court


In Memory of Fr Mallin _ Class 65

Andrew Zee 

Thank you Adrian and all of you who attended the farewell mass to send off Father Mallin, I have no recollection of him ever teaching my class. I especially like the Prayer of St. Ignatius, it is not overly sentimental, just describes my feeling towards God that He gave us life and will receive us when our time comes. No mentioning of sins or anything religious. The Jesuits have got it right.


James Tong

He must be the last two Jesuits in WYK when we were there. The other is Fr.. Naylor who was substitute teacher of Biology when I was in F. 3.

Fr. Mallin took over from Fr. O'Neile was chapel choir master around 1963 or 1964. He was also our English literature teacher in 1962 or 1961. I remember he said the name of the knight "front de boeuf" in French and only Benny Wu could pronounce it. He also taught us "Oliver Twist". I remember he made a wry remark how a crook and gangster like Bill Sykes could charm naive young women like Nancy to give her all, ignoring all his glaring faults. But having seen Trump and his supporters, truth is more strange than fiction.

I have copied his method to call on individual students to quiz them on passages in the previous class for around 5 minutes, a useful way of refreshing memory and get them reoriented to the class after exhilarating PT or boring chemistry.

As chapel choir master, we went on Christmas caroling and he played Irish gigs while the Columban nuns at the Ruttunjee hospitals winged their skirts and danced. An unforgettable sight. He also treated us to a Christmas dinner at Cherikoff in Tsimshatsui after a movie. I think it was "Westward to Alaska". Now I also treated my A and A- as well as international students -- Singaporean, Indonesia's, Thai, Swedish, Italians, Germans, Chinese and Hong Kong (including 李念弘's Nephew, believe it or not), and my only gypsy student (incredibly smart, both parents were Yale professors). I also treated my students to "Sound of Music" at the Hollywood Bowl, and LA Tennis Tournaments featuring Agassi, Sempra and Michael Chang. Is has made me financially poor but existentially rich. Thanks to the example of Fr. Mallin and the Jesuits.


Vincent Lee

James, Thank you so much for your message in memory of Fr. Mallin, so rich in love and culture. I'm sure he had enriched your life and indirectly your own encounters with your students, which no doubt they would in turn treasure for the rest of their lives.

My encounter with Fr. Mallin was not much in a "cultural" environment. As I had alluded to as often as I talked about him, it was a loving and inspiring one throughout the ~10 months of one to one instructions once a week on Thursdays after school up to my baptism at Christmas 2014. It had, and still has enriched my life beyond my imagination.

I too learned to sing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" - with the boy scouts around campfires. I remember the couple of class picnics with Fr. Mallin; he walked fast, and was chatty. The only occasion I could recall he ever raised his voice was directed to Dermot Chan for sleeping in class - probably also snoring.....! 

I also recall a movie he went with us at 大華 Theatre (was it called the Majestic Theatre?), a fund raising event, name of the movie "One Minute To Zero", staring Robert Michum..... A war movie? Can't remember much about it.

I too often treat my students, in fact introduced to many for their first times ever to traditional Chinese dinners - they loved "finger foods" like Peking duck....., and the duck bone soup! and dimsum. I would also invite a table of current and past students to our clinic's annual Christmas dinners. They are not as varied as yours in ethnic origins, mostly Caucasian Canadians, often Chinese from the mainland (who came over as pre-teenage kids), the odd Blacks and East Indians. They still talk about the meals and gatherings years later when I run into them in meetings, conferences, and in missions. A great feeling I'm sure you'd appreciate when you reconnect with your past students.

It's never easy to say permanent goodbye to someone you have so much love and respect for, and indebtedness to, like a parent, a mentor, and for me Fr. Mallin and Fr. Chan. We have the hope and the assurance from the risen Lord that we will meet again!


Class 65 after attending Requiem Mass for Fr Mallin

Mallin Mass 3 65 April 14, 2018 at the St. Ignatius Chapel in Wah Yan College, Kowloon at 10:00 am

《Class 65 Hikers in Hong Kong _ 2018_ April》_ Adrian Leung

batch 5 1This batch contains photos taken from a hike to Lion Rock on 2018 April 8. 

《Class 65 Hikers in Hong Kong》__ Adrian Leung

65 1 4 Nam Chung

In general, we take a hike once weekly, normally on Saturday
The hiking group includes ----
John Shek, Leslie Chang, Adrian Leung ( regular hikers )
Regis Lo, Francis Leung, Rod Fu of 63 ( occasional )
KC Lee, Bonbon Ho, Tony Fong ( from Overseas )

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