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Wah Yan Student Ambassador Program 2019 - Complete Report

(Andrew Ng, President of Wah Yan College (Hong Kong) Ontario Alumni Association)

This year Wah Yan Hong Kong is celebrating 100 Years.

We are so thankful to PSA Hong Kong for sponsoring 2 student ambassadors, Justin Chan from WYHK and Kelvin Wong from WYK to come to Toronto to celebrate with us during the last week of July (July 28 to Aug 4, 2019).

We also thank Wah Yan Kowloon PSA Toronto for agreeing to co-host the 2 students.

(Jeffrey Mah, President of Wah Yan College Kowloon Alumni Association of Ontario)

WYK Alumni Association of Ontario is proud of co-hosting the 2019 Wah Yan Student Ambassador Program with our brother WYHK Alumni Association. While there have been a lot of planning and acquiring support from alumni members months before the program starts, we all felt these spent efforts are worthwhile.

Not only the students have had a great experience, we have also organized one of a most meaningful event that alumni associations should be doing amongst other activities, that is offering our help and support to the current Wahyanites who may be considering further their studies in North America. I have to thank WYHK Alumni Associations again for a smooth collaboration leading to a very successful execution of the program.

Click the following images to view photo albums.

   Day 1 - HK Departure, Toronto Arrival & Welcome BBQ Dinner - Sunday 28 July 2019
   Day 2 - Monday 29 July 2019
   Day 3 - Niagara Falls and Relaxation in Richmond Hill - Tuesday 30 July 2019
   Day 4 (AM) - Wednesday 31 July 2019
   Day 4 (PM) - WYCHK Centennial Celebration & Welcome Dinner - Wednesday 31 July 2019
   Day 5 - University Visits - Thursday 1 Aug 2019
   Day 6 - Collingwood and Wasaga Beach - Friday 2 August 2019
   Day 7 - @ WYKAAO Picnic & Wah Yan Vs La Salle Soccer Game - Saturday 3 August 2019
   Day 8 - Sunday 4 August 2019

(Joseph Wong, WYK '67)

Ever since we hosted the first student ambassadors back in 1995, we have always been delighted to meet the next generation of Wahyanites so far away from Hong Kong who carry the news and greetings from our alma mater.  Kelvin and Justin exemplify today's the best of the best of Wah Yan.

(Edmond Wong, WYK '71)

After casually meeting our 2 fine student ambassadors the first night at the BBQ in Andrew Ng’s place, I had the great pleasure to spend more time with them in 2 more occasions to know them better.

On Thursday August 1, I chauffeured them around to visit 4 U of T professors in separate departments (Psychology, Engineering, Management and Social Work).  During the visits, we spent about an hour with each professor where they both asked intense and thoughtful questions in diverse subjects for technical or personal interests.  I observed that they process great listening skill, and can articulate their thoughts and communicate well to the professors.  Frankly, I was very impressed with their performance that day and thought to myself that they each will have their own bright future.

On Friday August 2, we changed our original plan to visit Queen’s University, and instead we go for a zip-line and treetop nature adventure tour at Scenic Caves in Collingwood to stay away from academics for one day.  Kelvin was under the weather (and medication) that morning but did not want to stay behind and miss the fun.  By the time we picked up Fred Yip (71), my co-driver in Mississauga and after a quick tour to wane their curiosity of this wholesale store, Kelvin was almost fully alert and recovered.   

Once we arrived at Scenic Caves, it was to my surprise that I have to accompany them for this entire 3-hours adventure because they are both under age.  With their encouragement and agreement to look after me on the treetop, I finally signed hesitantly and put my life in their good hands.   We walked the suspension bridge, the caves, navigated through 15 treetops and soared down a 1000 ft zip-line.  We cared for each other and had a lot of fun together.  Thanks to them, their energy and encouragement, I felt I was young again.

All in all, I feel I personally gain more in this experience. A little time spent with Justin and Kelvin instills brotherhood, hope, and youth back in me. This is a worthy program that Wah Yan shall continue.

(Wilson So, WYK '82)

It was a great pleasure to meet the 2 student ambassadors on 4 occasions during their visit to Toronto.  First the day they arrived.  It was a casual encounter at Andrew Ng’s home.  First impression was they are not shy and get along with the “uncles” and “aunties” very well.  Second time during the 100th anniversary dinner.  I was totally impressed by the speech they gave on behalf of their respective schools.  Extremely coherent and articulated speeches ... no stage fright in front of the big crowd.  可用四字慨括為”不亢不卑”.

Third time during the UoT day of visit.  I joined them at the tail end of their meeting with a professor from the Faculty of Social Work.  Both were deeply engaged with the conversation.  Clearly an eye opening discussion and probably the term social workers gives them new meaning after that day.  Final encounter was during the WYKAAO annual picnic and the friendly soccer match with La Salle.  They showed their active sides and still kids at heart when running around trying to play the ball.  All in all, it was a heart warming experience to know the 華仁 legacy is living bright and strong.

(Phyllis Chuang and Joe Shum, WYHK '67)

Justin and Kelvin are amongst two of the best Wah Yan Ambassadors in my memory. They represent the 2 schools and demonstrate the true values and missions upon which Wah Yan principles are based to a very high caliber and do their parents and teachers and colleagues proud.

(Kim Wong, WYHK '05)

The ambassadors’ visit reminds me of how precious Wah Yan brotherhood is.  May this precious tradition be carried on through love, sacrifice and everything sang in our school song.

(Andrew Ng, WYHK '77)

We had our Centennial Dinner on Wednesday night and WYK had their annual picnic on Saturday.

The week went by very quickly from a visit to Ontario Science Center, Niagara Fall to touring 3 universities, York, Ryerson University and UofT Health Science on Wednesday morning using our Subway Network.

Wah Yan Kowloon managed to arrange for the 2 students visited UofT Scarborough and Downtown while meeting with the professors on Campus.

Friday, Uncle Edmund felt that too many university visitations were no fun and decided to take them to Scenic Caves Nature Adventures where they enjoyed zip lining and tree top adventures.

Saturday, the 2 students attended the WYK picnic, toured Mon Sheong Senior Care Home and played soccer with friends from LaSalle and St. Joseph Alumni.  Night time, they had karaoke until they drifted into sleep.

Sunday, Kim Wong, one of student ambassadors back in 2006 took them out to Casa Loma and downtown, Toronto before sending them to the airport to board the midnight flight back to HK.

The 2 students stayed in my house for 7 nights. I was a little nervous that they may have some bad habits.  Well, they adapted very well.  First night, all the aunties made them wash dishes and they did not mind at all.  They even cleaned up their rooms when they left on Sunday.

I am sad to let them go yet I am so happy and proud of them.  I wish them most success in life.

Thanks to all the uncles and aunties who took them around and took care of them.

(Jeffrey Mah, WYK '78)

Very encouraging to see Kelvin and Justin, current generation of Wahyanites, carrying the torch of keeping the Spirit of Wah Yan well and alive!

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