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From Down Under

Raymond 戴錦池夫婦到訪, 我哋多倫多64班同學又有一餐食啦!

今次由Frederick 鄒秉漢主持, 在八月三十一号, 在孟嘗閣攪了"一直走". 當晚我哋開懷暢飲, 大聲講, 大聲笑, 極之開心.

以下相片是由笨人就快要掉嘅手機所拍, 視覺有問題, 不是你老花所致.

dinner 2 dinner 3 dinner 4

dinner 5 dinner 6 dinner 7

dinner 8 dinner 9 dinner 1



"當然有啦! 有女出嫁喎"

八月五号, 亞寶(Raymond吳寶鑑)嫁女, 我哋多倫多六四班"食客" 當然會擁躍參加婚禮. 以下相片是由"笨人" 手機影的. 至於official 嘅相片, 便要由亞寶提供啦.




Tibet trip 2017

By Philip Lee

Why Tibet and who joined?

Tibet has always been on top of my list of places where I want to travel in China because of its remoteness and its religious mysticism. My wife Magdalen, however, does not share the same yearnings towards Tibet because she was worried about our age and the likelihood of altitude sickness. So when the news that Jeffrey and Ming were actively recruiting classmates for a Tibet trip reached us early this year, I knew the opportunity had arrived. I registered my interest for the trip.

The September 2016 WYK64 Reunion had laid the groundwork for the Tibet trip as Magdalen got on well with Ming's wife, Helena, who shared her passion for ballroom dancing and we had agreed to meet up in Sydney after the reunion. In the meantime, Jeffrey and Ming sent out an invitation to all alumni to join them in their proposed Tibet trip in June. We  were in Shanghai at the time so we expressed interest to join. When we got back I arranged to meet with Ming and Helena in Sydney mid-February over lunch to discuss the trip. Ming told us that a number of classmates had considered the possibility of high altitude sickness and conditions of their health and had declined to join so we ended up with just Ming, Helena, Magdalen and I.

Departure from Guangzhou

Magdalen and I flew to Guangzhou from Sydney and stayed in Ming and Helena's spacious apartment overlooking the Pearl River and spent 2 hot summer days shopping in Guangzhou's famous walking street, Beijing Road, and visiting Sun Yat-sen Memorial. Ming treated us for lunch and demonstrated his tea-tasting skills 茶艺 with a fine selection of Guangzhou's delicious Dimsim varieties. He also showcased Cantonese food such as low-fired soup 老火汤, soya sause Goose, steamed Waan Fish. On the night before the trip we had a change of palate in a binge of Shanghaiese steamed buns, spiced jiaozi and pork with water duck soup. Ming and Helena were perfect hosts. 

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Eastern Mediterranean Cruise Travelogue

By Clement IP

In March of 2017, Dominic and I, and our respective spouses (Cecilia and Margot), went on an Eastern Mediterranean cruise on the Viking Star.  The ship is practically brand new, since Viking launched its maiden ocean cruise only a year ago.  With a capacity of about 900 passengers, there is plenty of lounge area for people to relax, and we never felt crowded at any time.  All state rooms have a balcony, and our standard accommodation was quite comfortable.  Best yet, there are two specialty. restaurants that we could patronize at no extra charge.  Due to limited seating, Cecilia quickly secured reservations for us just in the nick of time.  We were very glad she did that; the food and service were excellent.

Our 10-day voyage began in Athens and ended in Venice.  We boarded the ship at Piraeus, on the outskirts of Athens. The narrative below describes our itinerary in chronological order. A 2-part travelogue video has been made by Dominic for us to remember it by and for you to watch, click here



We journeyed from Piraeus into the heart of Athens by motor coach.  The sightseeing was no more than a whirlwind drive-by of a few highlights - the Hellenic Parliament, Syntagma Square, Temple of Zeus, and the Panathenic Stadium (a brief stop here for a photo op).  The stadium is the only one in the world built of marble, and was the site of the first modern Olympic Games held in 1898.  

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Cruise from Abu Dhabi to Singapore 2017

Cecilia and I, together with our son Leonard and daughter-in-law Jackie, took a cruise from Abu Dhabi to Singapore on January 10, trying to escape from the Canadian winter. Our ship was the Celebrity Constellation. The cruise took 15 days and we very much enjoyed the ship, the food, the ports of call and, above all, the beautiful warm weather.

We visited Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates; Mumbai, Goa, New Mangalore and Cochin in India; Colombo in Sri Lanka; Phuket in Thailand and last but not least Singapore. A 3-part travelogue video has been made for us to remember it by and for you to watch, click here.

Here are some highlights on those ports of call.

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Hong Kong Mini Reunion Feb 2017

喺香港二月五号星期日, Jeffrey 張慶攪了個小型舊同學聚會, 晚上六時半尖沙咀富豪酒家食晚飯.

當晚有十七同學參加, 非常之熱鬧. 天南地北, 無所不談. 因無好的一半參與, 少了顧忌, 談話更加暢所欲言.

黄智明帶了六枝红酒, 更助長講話嘅意欲. 世界大事, 名人風水命相及人哋嘅紅顏知己都有提及, 但居然無人講粗口喎, 你話奇唔奇呢!

當晚更加高興就係連扈國泰及馮浩棠稀客都有出現. 真係非常難得.


前排左至右: 麥振芳, 陳明生, 颜啟康, 陳景良, 梁世達, 洪德仁

後排左至右: 李兆鏗, 扈國泰, 黄智明, 梁健明, 林永康, 陸慶奇, 張慶, 馮浩棠, 劉绍基, 劉漢銓, 潘漢雄

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