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More Gathering in Hong Kong

Joe 鮑大雄 was in Hong Kong and a dinner gathering was organized for him on 25 November. After dinner they continued to have fun at Jeffrey 張慶 home. Some pictures were taken over there and the following pictures were submitted by Jeffrey.

Latest from Dick

Want to become a certified flight instructor. Dick Chang can help. The flight school where he works has 4 'passes' in just 24 hours.

So, don't miss your chance to call Dick for your lesson when you are in San Francisco - another good reason to join our next reunion in September 2016.

An extract from the flight school news announcement...

"Congratulations to Matt Bragen on becoming a Certified Flight Instructor! This is an amazing accomplishment and we are proud to see him pass his checkride and join us in training more pilots! A special thank you to CFII Dick Chang for getting Matt prepared for this complex checkride!"

Another gathering in Hong Kong

Another lunch gathering in Hong Kong on Saturday 11 Novemebr at 九龍仔業主會 because of Alex 除建中(大頭鎚)and his better half, Karisa, happened to be passing by Hong Kong.

The following picture was submitted by Thomas 陸慶奇.


九記詩詞 – 29

HKG Gathering November 2015

Brendan 王蘇訪港, 香港班友乘機聚一聚, 於星期一(十一月九号)富豪食午飯.

以下相片是Thomas 陸慶奇提供

九記詩詞 – 28

五言絕句 押尤韻

修:指修和,謀求和好。《晉書·慕容超載記》:「﹝ 韓範 ﹞昔與姚興俱為秦太子中捨人,可遣將命,降號修和。」


九記詩詞 – 27

楓葉在春夏時節是綠色,到秋天會由於葉綠素減少、類胡蘿蔔素增多,導致楓葉呈橙黄或紅色。親友居北美,傳來屋前楓樹照,紅黃掩映。時序深秋,翠楓色轉。秋風颯颯搖楓葉,滿臉通紅似醉翁。世人多賞楓紅,較少留意金楓,悟出黃中美德。                                                                           潘漢雄



五言絕句 押東韻
霜楓:經霜的楓葉,其紅如火。宋 陸游 《醉賦》詩:「霜楓照茅屋,露菊插紗巾。」
酡顏:飲酒臉紅貌。亦泛指臉紅。 唐 白居易《與諸客空腹飲》詩:「促膝纔飛白,酡顏已渥丹。」

九記詩詞 – 26

An historic trail along the Elbe River

By Margot/Clement Ip

Dominic/Cecilia Chan and Clement/Margot Ip traveled together on the Viking Elbe River cruise in September of 2015.  The journey began in Berlin, then headed southward through Saxony in former East Germany, and ended in Prague of Czech Republic.  The following narrative describes, in chronological order, the places we visited in the 2-week itinerary.


Viking provided us with a guided city tour of Berlin in a company coach.  We passed by a string of attractions, including the Bundestag, Reichstag, Berlin Cathedral, Chancellery, Templehof, a section of the original Wall, Holocaust Memorial, Kurfurstedam shopping area, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Chapel, Charlottenburg Palace, Brandenburg Gate ......... and more.  Due to time constraints, we were able to stop at only a few selective spots.  Berlin has so much history and so many historic landmarks that our guide had no trouble talking continuously for 4 hours. 

Once we got our bearing from the bus tour, we decided to venture out on our own.  Aided by Dominic's built-in GPS in his head, we took off on a sweeping loop around the central part of the metropolis.  Along the way, we lingered for a brief moment at the Tiergarten (a large public park), Victory Column (commemorating the Prussian defeat of Denmark), and Soviet Memorial (where thousands of Red Army soldiers who died in the battle of Berlin were buried).  Lunchtime found us at the KaDeWe department store, which has a footprint the size of a soccer field.  It is a paradise for high-end shoppers.  One floor is devoted entirely to gourmet food from all over the world.  After fortifying ourselves with a delicious snack at the rooftop cafe, we proceeded to Checkpoint Charlie.  This iconic guard station, once the gateway to the American sector from East Berlin, now stands in the middle of a busy intersection.  One corner of the intersection is occupied by a photo gallery showing old images of the same location during the Cold War era.  It was time to head back to the hotel.  We followed Unter den Linden to the Brandenburg Gate (the Nazi parade used to march on this wide boulevard), then cut in front of the Reichstag to admire its elegant architecture.  The Reichstag, which was rebuilt after WWII, is now capped with a glass dome to symbolize transparency of the government.


Click here to watch the trip video

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Hong Kong Mini Reunion

A mini reunion was held on Tuesday 6 Oct. at Yau Yat Chuen Hong Kong. Here are some photos sent from Anthony Poon and Tom Luk   

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