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This section contains articles submitted by classmates of 1964

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2012 Chinese New Year’s Dinner

Every year the Torontonian ’64 classmates celebrate Chinese New Year with a dinner. It is no exception this year.

We had our New Year’s celebration dinner on Friday 3rd February. 16 people showed up and all sat in one table.

For $30 each all inclusive (tax & gratuity), we had,

  1. 四寶大拼盤
  2. 五寶炖趐群
  3. 乳鴿 (四隻)
  4. 鴛鴦蝦仁蒸玉子豆腐
  5. 發菜蠔豉柱甫
  6. 上湯蒜子荳苗
  7. 中式牛柳
  8. 美極大龍蝦(兩隻, 大概十二磅)
  9. 金鉤魚肚浸時菜
  10. 羌蔥焗溫哥華蟹 (兩隻)
  11. 香妃走地雞 (一隻)
  12. 清蒸遊水雙青班
  13. 龍蝦羔蒸蛋
  14. 龍蝦羔炒飯
  15. 合時甜品

Front (from left to right): Sylvia Ng, Winnie Chan, Cecilia Chan, Anna Kwong, Kat Wong, Helen Chow, Lisa Lee

  Back (from left to right): 吳寶鑑, 林民耀, 陳敏然, 梁健明, 鄺漢芬, 陳景良, 王曙明, 鄒秉漢, 廖柱文

   As usual we enjoyed our dinner but most of all the company.



It is always sad when we hear about the early departure of our fellow classmates.  Let us remember them in this corner so they may go on living in our hearts.

Ko, Denis Chi Wo 高志和

Denis passed away on 4 January, 2012. He died of blood cancer at the age of 66. The news was so sudden, hardly anyone would believe it. He was survived by his wife Deborah.

What did his good friends say on this sad news?

Anthony Poon's poem in memory of him.



Tam, John Chun Ho 譚進豪:

John passed away on 18 November 2010 after fighting a courageous battle against lung cancer for two years. He was survived by his wife Janet, a son and two daughters.


To read Clement Ip’s eulogy on John – click here

Chow, Gregory Yan Kit 周仁傑

Gregory passed away on June 27, 1981 of liver cancer. He was 35 and a police superintendant. He graduated with a Master Degree in Political Science. Gregory was survived by his wife Alice.



Others...     (No details yet and any information is appreciated)


潘執衡 Henry Poon





A Little History on How We Re-connect (Class 1964)

2002 marked the year when Wah Yan College held the international conference in Toronto. It was also the year for World Cup Soccer. IC coincided with world soccer and this could only means chaos. The attendees for IC had one ear on the speech but the brains were dreaming of the soccer score. That proved all Wahyanites could multi-task.

The atmosphere was intense. The videos were concise and precise. The spirit was high.

We all wanted to get out of there and watch the final game in the lobby. That was the best conference I had been. We exchanged greetings. We welcomed each other’s endeavours and we lamented over the mis-happenings of our classmates.

We spent our lives search for comfort and support but nothing would match the friendship we built up during our adolescences. That was the true bonding which we should treasure. Somebody said it well, “classmates are the people who see us through life”. Not even our siblings would be able to achieve this.

With the above thoughts we made it our mission to seek out our long lost classmates and bring them in better contact.

We got the process going in 2002 after some wonderful advice from Francis Kwong. We were aware of the number of ’64 graduates in Toronto vicinity and we started building a data base. The networking was extended to cover all Canada. Then we reached our home base, Hong Kong. An Email list was created and we started sending messages out accordingly. It is funny what you can find if you ask. We got connected with classmates from US, Australia, even Indonesia and Hawaii. The idea of a class reunion was appreciated and we moved forward for our first class reunion in 2004, location – Hong Kong. We carried the tradition onto 2006, in Vancouver, 2008 in Hong Kong again, 2010 in Shanghai and this coming year 2012, we have the honour of hosting our class reunion in Toronto.

So look out world, here we come                                                        -  By David Wong

How you looked back in 1964

Those were the days when we all looked so fit with bushy hair and strong teeth…



Click on the picture to enlarge

 To view other old photos – click here

2010 Reunion

Class reunion IV 2010

Location: Hong Kong/Shanghai

The year of world expo – we took this opportunity to experience.

We did the tour with the help of a travel agency. The arrangement was a bit more complicated and somehow the visit of Expo in Shanghai took us out of our comfort zone.    It was a grand, massive, colossal, experience going through the Expo.

We had a chance to taste more interesting food than before. Thanks to Ernest again for making the reservations at different restaurants so we could enjoy the local culture. Thanks to Ming for all the little advice so we would not ended up with mud on our face and thanks to Ambrose for his utmost hospitality in treating us a most beautiful dinner.

I am a simple man. I would choose over our classmate than any other worldly vanity just to be closer to each other’s heart.

Time to say adieu and 2 more years, we will see each other in N. America - Toronto will be our next meeting place.                                                                                                             - David Wong

    To view more photos – click here

2008 Reunion

Class reunion III 2008

Location: Hong Kong

China was getting hot. We wanted to visit our mother land. It is a great convenience if we had our reunion in Hong Kong. Besides all this, our classmate Ernest promised to take us for a gourmet expedition in Panyu (番禺).

We went through our usual reunion procedure and then took the train into China for a wonderful trip. The food was phenomenal and the price was more than reasonable.

We stayed in this hotel where they keep an in-house circus and some white tigers; wonder what white tigers tasted like.

I think we broke record at a morning tea feast. We order a total of 94 dishes of dim-sum.

The trip was way too short and we had to return home to Canada.

We missed our friends there too. But friends are not classmates.                                            - David Wong



To view photos – click here

To view reunion video – click here

2006 Reunion

Class reunion II 2006

Location: Vancouver

We piggy backed on the Wah Yan College international conference. The arrangement was very simply. There were social programs organized by the IC committee. We just joined in and enjoyed the fun.

There were classmates who came with their golf clubs and they enjoyed a nice game of golf under the wonderful weather in Vancouver.

We also took a trip to Whistler; B.C. Whistler will be the venue for winter Olympics in the future. The trip was enjoyable, but most of all, we enjoyed seeing and meeting our old classmates.

We spent a few nights at Gregory Yu Tat’s house. His wife Melanie was most hospitable and she allowed the whole gang of crazy old men wasted time till 3 AM in her house. Spending time at Gregory’s place was the high light of the trip

Too sad we had to say good-bye but giving another 2 years, we will do it again                     - David Wong


To view photos – click here

To view reunion video – click here



2004 Reunion

Class reunion I – 2004

Location: Hong Kong

It was never an easy job to get a common consensus in a group of people. We finally managed to anchor on a date. We choose Hong Kong because we felt the first reunion should be held at the place of origin.

The response was good from all the attending classmates. There were ones we would never recognize on the street but we shared a common interest. We were home.

It was fun sitting in a classroom again when we had our morning meeting. We exchanged our greetings and updated each other with our present status. We were all getting older but not much wiser. I kept looking for the guy who owed me marbles. I guessed he did not show fearing he would lose his marbles.

We had lunch at a nice hotel

We also had a gala dinner.

It was a pity we could not stay together that much longer but we will meet again.

We promised each other.                                                                                             - David Wong




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