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Travel Tales from Downunder - Trip Planning

The idea of a Canadian vacation was first canvassed when Tommy Lam Wing Yuen pointed out with a sense of pride that Vancouver continued to reign as the best city in the world to live in and that other Canadian cities such as Calgary and Edmonton were also on the top 10 list! Intrigued by the statistics, I thought it was time to visit the Western Hemisphere from Downunder. It would be nice, I thought, if we could repeat what we did last year and go for a vacation after the South Pacific Championship in early October and then fly straight to Toronto for the reunion.

I began to press Cecil Li and Tommy for a definite date for the October reunion and went about costing the Canadian trip. As it turned out the reunion was scheduled on October 2 and the South Pacific championship was going to be run a weekend later on October 6. As my dancing form was going well in 2012 we couldn't really not go to the championship, so another gap in our dance calendar had to be found for our annual holiday.

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Philip & Magdalen Lee's Visit to Vancouver


Philip & Magdalen Lee paid a visit to Vancouver in May 2012. Gregory Yu Dad/Melanie, Lawrence Chan Wang Yip & Tommy Lam Wing Yuen/Winnie joined for a welcome dinner on May 17, 2012 followed by a karaoke night in Gregory & Melanie's home. A wonderful night for all great singers!


Mini Reunion in Hong Kong

Cecil Li (李兆鏗) is in Hong Kong. Yesterday (22nd May) Ernest Ng ( 伍傑忠) arranged a welcome dinner at his Kowloon Tsai club and here is what Ernest had to say of this mini reunion dinner party,

“Cecil is visiting HK. We got together yesterday and had dinner at Kowloon Tsai Club. We talked about the silly things from the old days. For example it was I who gave Canice Mak his nick name Maidenfong. Also Dennis mentioned 無乃紀良妻 from our Chinese book; I think it was about you (Dominic 景良)”

As shown in the photo, they are 颜啟康, 張慶, 洪德仁

梁世達, 麥振芳, 伍傑忠, 李兆鏗, 黄智明, 陸慶奇


Toronto 64 Bi-monthly Dinner Gathering



我哋多倫多64班同學每兩個月就攪一次聚餐, 今次由陳敏然同學主持, 喺四月卄八星期六晚在陽明山莊舉行. 是晚有十五人參加, 陳敏然点餸, 極之好食, 真係食得開心, 玩得暢快.





Dancing Demo by Magdalen & Philip

While visiting in Hong Kong in April, Magdalen and Philip Lee presented a demo/talk of their excellent dancing technique to friends. Wah Yan alumni in Hong Kong were invited too.

Here is Philip’s description on how it went:

“The dance/demo went smoothly. The venue was the school hall of the very prestigious Peak School on Hong Kong Island. It was quite big so we were able to dance the choreographies of each style of dancing. We demonstrated each of the 5 dances first to show the character of each style and then went through some basic steps of each style. We combined theory with practice by calling upon the audience to take part in working out the actions of some figures. Magdalen and I took turns to explain the basic techniques in establishing a ballroom hold, transference of weight and movement in action. We divided the men from the ladies with me working on the men steps and Magdalen working on ladies steps. Some of the people present had some experience in ballroom dancing but most did not, so it was quite challenging to keep everybody interested and happy for nearly 4 hours non-step. We managed to go through the 5 styles of ballroom dancing: Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot and Quickstep as well as 3 New Vogue dances: Swing Waltz, Barclay Blues and Tango Terrific. By the end of the session most people were exhausted and complained about sore knees and ankles but I think they had thoroughly enjoyed the dance demo/talk.”





Magdalen and Philip Did It Again

After winning a major dancing competition on 25th March in Sydney, Magdalen & Philip Lee won big again. This time it was the Jupiter National Championship in Gold Coast on 7th and 8th of April. As Anthony Poon puts it “… indeed new milestones in their dancing endeavors; they are the Australian's honour, the Chinese honour, and to crown all the WYK's honour”

Here is what Philip said after the event:

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Tucson has something for everyone

After spending a week in Sedona, we headed south to Tucson for more leisure time.  Tucson is situated at the edge of the Sonora Desert, which stretches a long way into Mexico and also westward into parts of California.  Northerners come to Tucson during the winter months to soak up some rays and to enjoy the warm and dry climate.  We were in Tucson last year; we liked it so much that we decided to return.  Our timeshare casita was at the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains.  Every morning, I took my coffee out to the balcony and watched the sun rise over the mountain top - quite a pleasant way to start the day.   You can always sit by the pool or play a round of golf if you just want to relax.  However, there is a lot more to do and see in Tucson and its vicinity than you would think otherwise.  Here are my top ten picks.  They are in no particular order, although the selections are likely to be biased by my own interest. 

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Sedona: A land of red rock and Indian ruins

     Sedona in Arizona is famous for its red rock formations.  These are massive outcroppings of sandstone and limestone which have been sculpted to interesting shapes through eons of weathering.  The iron oxide in the rock gives it a brilliant rustic color, especially when the sun hits it at the perfect angle.   If you enter Sedona via the southern route (i.e. in the direction from Phoenix), the approach is truly breathtaking.  The rock formations have names like Courthouse, Bell, Cathedral, Snoopy, Coffeepot, etc.  You can use your imagination to enjoy what nature has created.  We visited Sedona in March of 2012.  Although we had been here a few times before, we love to return when we can.

     The landscape in Sedona is a heaven for hikers.  There are over 100 marked trails of various lengths and difficulties.  No matter which one you pick, you have a good chance of catching a changing view of equal beauty at every turn.  If you are not the hiking type, you can take a jeep tour to the back country.  If you are inclined to be more adventurous, you can go on a hot air balloon ride or a helicopter ride to capture the panorama from the air.   Sedona is the place where many of the old western cowboy movies were filmed.  I am sure we all saw a few of these when we were kids.

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Good News from Australia

Our very own 64 classmate Philip Lee李榕堅 had won big in a dancing competition in Australia. The event took place on 25th March in Olympic Park. There were 18 couples competing for the Masters 2 Open events that they entered. Six rounds of dancing later they won first place in all dances which included 5 dances in Modern Standard and 5 dances in Australian New Vogue.

“We were really pleased with the results as there were quite a lot of changes in the choreography of the  Modern Standard style: Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot and the Quicksteps although  the Viennese Waltz stayed unchanged. We practised very hard, sometimes 5-6 hours a day to internalise the new choreography. As late as yesterday we  were unsure if we could pull it all together for today's competition.
The idea of getting a good result in the Standard style in this competition is to satisfy ourselves that we can dance the new choreographies confidently so as to serve as a dress rehearsal for the Jupiter National Championship in Easter. The feedbacks from the professionals were very encouraging. They said that we danced with confidence and attitude, moved well around the floor and looked good. Tomorrow is back to the drawing board to rectify figures which we didn't dance so well as we could see in the footage of the competition.”

Click here to watch their dancing video




懶人食譜由大懶人’笨人’主理, 食譜全賴64懶人提供, 但希望其他各位64同學多多提供資料, 踴躍參與, 僅此致謝. 如有食譜供給, 可以e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



要食燒叉, 可以自己燒, 一樣咁好味.


  • 半肥瘦豬肉
  • 叉燒醬
  • 老抽少許



  • 洗淨豬肉
  • 抹乾
  • 盡量搽渾叉燒醬


  • 再加少許老抽
  • 放三至四個鐘



  • 放入焗爐

  • 375, 每面焗15


  • 一面搽上蜜糖, broil 3至4分

  • 拿出反轉,搽上蜜糖,broil 3至4分



  • 叉燒汁留用
  • 食時淋上叉燒汁

懶人燒腩肉 (陳敏然提供)

過時過節就唔使排長龍買燒肉, 自己燒, 一樣咁脆, 一樣咁好味.


  • 五花腩兩磅, 可供5人食用
  • 鹽焗鷄粉一包



  • 洗淨花腩肉
  • 抹乾


  • 周圍搽上鹽焗鷄粉
  • 盡量搽渾 


  • 放在有架的鐵碟, 因燒時肉可隔油
  • 皮向上



  • 放入雪櫃三日
  • 不用包, 務使肉雪乾



  • 三日後放入焗爐
  • 450度焗30分鍾
  • 轉390度, 再焗30分鐘便成



  • 斬件上碟
  • 新鮮熱辣




懶人蒸魚 (笨人)

有時想食蒸魚, 但怕麻煩,可用此法, 又快又簡單



  • 遊水魚一條
  • 薑四五片
  • 葱兩條



  • 葱切絲備用



  • 放入微波爐
  • 記住用適合微波爐嘅碟及蓋



  • 較medium兩分半鐘, 再轉較medium low三分鐘



  • 完成後走薑及魚汁
  • 加葱及落蒸魚豉油



  • 加滚油
  • 上桌吃得

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