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Grand Children of 1964 Classmates


All pictures are submitted by the proud grand fathers of our 1964 classmates, who would love to share their joy with all of us.

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Philip Chan 陳敏然

1 Grand Child

Katie Chan

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Chan Ming Sang 陳明生

3 Grand Children

Tiffany, Oscar and Astrid

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John Kwan 關英權

1 Grand Child

Mikaela Kwan

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Gilbert Chau 周浩

1 Grand Child

Daran Chau

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Tommy Lam 林穎源

1 Grand Child

Terrence Lam

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Francis Kwong 鄺漢芬

6 Grand Children

 From Left to Right

Madeleine Wong, Aiden Lin, Oliver Wong, George Sing, Abigail Lin and Jeremy Wong

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Cecil Li 李兆鏗

1 Grand Child

Trevor Li

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Adriatic Cruise - by Philip Lee Yung Kin

We started our European trip in Venice with a cruise in the Adriatic. As I wanted to relive my memories of Venice we arrived at the city a day earlier. It was over 18 years ago that I visited Venice with my wife Magdalen and our teenage children so we were surprised that the city hadn't changed all these years. I guess it is this timelessness that people want to come to see. There are no cars in Venice and people have to get around the island on foot, in boats, ferries and Gondales. There were hundreds of bridges joining the city blocks together and idyllic streets with boutique shops and restaurants dazzled the tourists with the famed operatic masks outside shop windows everywhere gave the city a sense of culture and atmosphere of a carnival. San Marco was just magical. The Square was packed with tourists from all over the world who wanted to share the history of this city. And would you believe that some of the most beautiful basilicas are build on stones foundations sitting on top of hundreds of thousands of wooden poles embedded under the water! If you Google the history of Venice, I'm sure that you will be amazed by the genius of the Venetian Republic in Medieval times.

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64 Classmates at the WYKAAO 2012 Spring Banquet

The spring banquet for WYKAAO (Wah Yan College Kowloon Alumni Association of Ontario) was held on Mar 3 Saturday. To our ‘64 classmates  in Toronto, it was another excuse to get together and we did.  We had a good turnout including  David Wong, Philip Chan, Frederick Chow, Francis Kwong, Roger Leung, Raymond Ng, Raymond Liu, Dominic Chan, and our spouses. David Wong being the chairman of WYKAAO gave the opening speech but on top he also presented a featured talk '趣談-龍年四吉四凶'. Roger and Dominic both brought wine. Food was good even though to us it was only secondary.  It was a fact that we always had fun getting together. Here are some pictures taken,

Sunny (60), Raymond Ng, Francis Kwong & Roger Leung


Raymond, Philip and his wife Winnie, Cecilia (Dominic Chan's wife)

Winnie, Cecilia and Anna (Francis's wife)

Mr. Ho sir


David Wong

Roger Leung & Frederick Chow

Raymond Liu & Philip Chan

Dominic Chan (Second from right)

Raymond Ng

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Orlando is not just about Disney


     Orlando is world renowned for the Disney theme parks.  There is plenty to do and see at these interesting places, and adults can have as much fun, if not more so, as kids in enjoying a variety of activities.  In February of 2012, Chan Ming Sang and I, together with our respective spouses, Helena and Margot, vacationed in the Orlando area.  We spent a full day each at EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studio.   If you like this kind of entertainment, Orlando also offers Sea World, Discovery Cove, Universal Studio, and a number of water parks.  After 3 days of Disney, we decided to head out of Orlando to catch some other sights.  These short excursions are the ones I am writing about.  To me, they are the little gems which most tourists tend to forget when they travel to Central Florida.

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64龍虎榜 - What are we doing now?


資料是來自'笨人'訪問'64班同學所得, 如有錯漏或要加料, 請通知'笨人'(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), 加以改正.

以下文句有'狗屁不通'之處, 請多多包涵. 排名不分先後. 龍虎榜會繼續有料到, 請多多留意. Click here to download this article; use index for quick access


鮑大雄 Joe Tai Hung Pao 花名鮑鷄

離開華仁後, 六五年便考入美國Purdue大學, 主讀EE. 畢業回港, 喺中電做了兩年trainee. 沖了一輪電後, 七二年返美, National Semi-Conductor 做了幾年便跳槽Apple, 應用程序電板設計, 一路做到退休為止. 喜愛母校, 更鍾意唱校歌比同學聽, 真喺無得頂,即喺 'undingable'啦.


黄宇和 John Yue Wo Wong 花名唔知

能夠提早一年便考入香港大學, 真喺頂瓜瓜. 自從任教悉尼大學後, 學術成就就多蘿蘿, 真係十篇紙都寫唔完, 可惜篇幅有限,不能盡錄. 現已退休, 但仍繼續學術研究. 尤其起國父底子, 真喺不遺餘力. 且為國父歷史著書多本, 相信書中詳盡資料足足可以拍十幾卄套走向共和長篇劇集.



洪德仁  Mark Tak Yan Hung 花名紅雞

離開華仁後便去英國繼續學業, 入大學時是住讀 Textile Chemistry, 畢業後卻在 Lab Analyst 方面發展, 當時這行業喺香港非常之吃香, 被人挖角返港後, 更大展拳腳, 當時佢好的另一半正發展名店生意, 越做越大, 做老公梗要幫手, 初初幫頭幫尾, 到後來更要全職打理名店 Shoebox 生意. 現下兩公婆已經退休, 但退而不休, 做義工回報社會. 值得一讚.


陸履東 Raymond Lei Tung Luk 花名唔知

Kansas 大學讀 Chemistry, 畢業後喺 Edison Power 打過工, 又攪 Trading, 後來因機緣巧合, 更做環保能源生意, 成為專家, 用回收塑料轉做能源, 化腐朽為神奇, 都唔好話唔巴閉. 繼續為環保努力, 要打救我哋咁污染嘅地球就要靠佢啦.


吳乙安 Jonathan Yat On Ng 花名儍飛

65年去美國加州, 66年入讀 加州 U of C Santa Barbara 經濟係. 畢業後喺 AT&T 管理層打工, 因覺工字不出頭, 便轉行做珠寶生意, 後來更去上海攪地產. 97年返 LA, 以家傳風水學去造福人羣. 現已經成為風水大師, 可喜可賀. 有一仔(Justin) 及一女 (Michelle).


戴錦池 Raymond Kam Chi Tai 花名太監

香港大學化學係畢業後就去教書, 造福香港弟子, 出名女歌星陳潔靈都是他的學生. 讀完MBA便替人打理工廠, 攪掂東廠又攪西廠. 後來移民澳洲悉尼. 轉行替人睇住盤數, 做會計, 一路做到現在, 還未打算退休. 有兩個仔, 大仔已經關埋天窗, 佢哋等緊抱孫呢.





吳茂鸞 Peter Mow Luen Ng 花名茂叔

華仁畢業後, 便加入政府部門做公務員, 服務香港社會三十幾年. 因九七當時, 香港處境唔多明朗, 便移民澳洲, 一移就移左十幾年. 在澳洲做義工, 服務社羣, 一路服務到2012年, 鳥倦思還, 回流香港. 有咁多做義工經驗, 如能在香港繼續做, 香港社羣就有福啦.



黄智明 Chee Ming Wong 花名大家姐

劍橋畢業名醫, 1977年喺香港大學醫學院任教了兩年, 去了英國行醫, 醫好無數英國鬼. 81年返港繼續行醫, 服務香港人. 更在2002年成為香港法國醫院 (St. Theresa's Hospital) 院長. 有女兩名, 都在英國辦事. 大女是医生, 細女在 Science Museum做. 太太亦是醫生, 做老人科, 記住是老人科, 即喺睇我哋啦.


邱德俊 John Tak Chuen Yau 花名唔知

好似前世欠IBM, 今世就同IBM打一世工. 做I.T. 佬. 出出入入IBM都唔知幾多次. 不特在美國IBM做, 連香港IBM都請佢. 而家離開IBM, 但欲罷不能, 因以前IBM的客還繼續不斷請佢幫手, 所以不能退休. 有女一名, 研究人體免役功能, 有’ 沙士’ 都唔需帕啦.




王蘇 Brendan So Wong 花名Vauxhall

有意思退休, 但未有, 還繼續喺德州 Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry 做 physiology professor, 從1983年一路做到而家, 30年眨眼就過佐, 梗喺做得好開心. 太太 Mimi 同佢都非常喜歡旅遊, 最近先至喺加勒比海遊完船河. 有女一名, 現喺英國倫敦辦事, 是一名optometrist.


譚光祖 Lawrence Kwong Tso Tam 花名唔知

香港大學醫科畢業, 喺香港醫院做了三年, 便去夏威夷深造, 成為內科專家, 便自己開診所, 懸壺濟世, 造福人羣, 因事業太忙, 完全無時間拍拖, 直至十年前才稔到結婚, 太太是護士, 故此不單得到個老婆, 還得到個好幫手. 有女一名, 今年八歲, 雖然在美國出世, 但並不忘根, 和父母是全部用國粵語溝通. 星期六上臺灣國語堂, 星期日更跟大陸先生學標準普通話呢.


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Driving, Italian style

The first thing to consider when renting a car in Italy is to get one just big enough for your needs. We learned it the hard way when we were faced with the daunting task of driving an eight-seater (for seven people) in the country roads in Provence last year.  The small Fiat we had this time was just fine for the two of us.  It was easier to manoeuvre in the narrow and winding roads in the Lake Como district in the north of Italy and finding a snug parking spot was not an impossible dream anymore.

On the whole, Italian drivers were no worse than their counterparts in North America. Surely, they used their horns much more liberally and many would whiz past us in full speed when we were picking our way gingerly along the single lane mountain roads, but that happened here too.  The biggest adjustment we had to deal with was their road signs.  Even in a tourist destination like Lake Como, the Italians still did not want to divulge too much information.  Signs were posted on the points of entry and departure to tell us where we were then but that was about it.  Without a map at all times, we would have no idea as to where we were heading next.  You would think they had to do better in the highways.  Think again. We drove about 120 kms to Verona one day from Como.  That particular highway ended in Venice.  If we didn’t know that was the right way according to the map, we would be really worried because they gave no indication that Verona was on the same route.  Only the name of Venice and the distance to it was occasionally posted. We had to gauge for ourselves the approximate mileage to any other city along way.  They did put out little signs on the left when we were close to Verona and fortunately we did not miss them.

From our London experience, we learned to return our car prior to going into Milan and used their subway. We bought day passes which would allow us to make unlimited trips within the city boundary.  For a two day pass, we only paid 5.50 euros.  It was a good deal.  The subway system was fast and efficient and not difficult to figure out at all.  We found that driving in the country but taking public transportation in the city yielded the most flexibility.

To watch Lake Como video click here

To watch Verona & Milan video click here


Driving Around in England

We recently came back from a trip to England and Italy where we rented a small car and did a self-directed free style tour.

Driving in the English countryside is a breeze as long as one overcomes the psychological hurdle of having to drive on the left in an automobile with manual shift gear. The roads were good.   North American style road signs were clear and well positioned; even roundabouts were easy to manage as long as we treated them as ‘yield’ signs and not just to charge ahead.  The beauty of the roundabouts is that we could go round and round once we are in them until we are sure of where we are going.  Parking in the small towns and villages was never a problem too.  By and large, the English drivers were courteous and would not use their horns arbitrarily and that made driving a pleasure.

Driving in London is a very different story though. We definitely do not recommend it.   Around the clock traffic congestion and one way streets could drive a visitor not familiar with the city literally round the bend.  Parking was not only hard to find but expensive.  There were other traps and pitfalls too.  We were very unpleasantly surprised when we received a letter from the car rental company after our return when they advised that they had paid a hefty fine on our behalf to the City.  Our sin?  We had “the use of a vehicle on a road in the charging area to which a charging scheme applies without payment of the appropriate charge”.  Heaven forbid!  We were totally unaware that there was a charging area and our unfamiliar eyes did not notice any signs at the time.   We should have returned the car before going into London and not the day after and thus would have avoided this penalty and the risk of putting our marriage into jeopardy.

London is well serviced by its public transportation system. We strongly advise getting an “Oyster card” from any underground station.  It is similar to the “Octopus Card” in Hong Kong in that it is a smart card and the small deposit which we paid to get it could be redeemed at the end.  It surpasses the Octopus card because the system would only charge a daily maximum of 5.6 Pounds.  On top of that, the lowest fare is applied.  To give an example, our trip to Heathrow from our hotel would cost 3.4 Pounds if we were to get a single ticket.  The charge to the Oyster card was only 1.3 Pounds.  Using their underground system is hassle free and one could get from point A to point B without regard of the horrific road condition above.  We now know better next time.

The tour of Kent that we did in England turned out to be very nice even though the weather was a bit on the chilly side. Canterbury was a pleasant surprise and so were some small towns which we visited during the tour. We made a video of the tour and to watch the video, click here.



Provence, France

We, three families from our class of 64 spent a happy week in Provence in May of 2009. The villa we rented was built in the 1850s, located in the picturesque village of Ansouis. Everybody vowed that we would go back on a minute’s notice.



To view the videos, click,

Provence Episode 1

Provence Episode 2

Provence Episode 3

To read David’s journals on the trip, click here

Mediterranean Cruise: i non sanno niente = I know nothing

Dennis called me one day and explained the benefits of taking a Mediterranean cruise with him. We were going to visit Greece, Turkey, Italy, Monte Carlo and Spain.

The conversation started with us but the decision making finished with the wives.

This is when the wisest saying of “I know nothing” came about. These 3 little words are the backbone of all sanity. The wisdom behind cements happy marriage, absolute tranquil life, reduction of noise level and most importantly, this is our fortified shield against everything. You will work less if you know nothing. You will put out less money if you know nothing. I can go on forever with the benefits of knowing nothing.

Decision was made, money was paid and we were on our way to a cruise.

While I know nothing, the good doctor knows everything (I know, it is a dirty job but somebody has to do it.)

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2012 Chinese New Year’s Dinner

Every year the Torontonian ’64 classmates celebrate Chinese New Year with a dinner. It is no exception this year.

We had our New Year’s celebration dinner on Friday 3rd February. 16 people showed up and all sat in one table.

For $30 each all inclusive (tax & gratuity), we had,

  1. 四寶大拼盤
  2. 五寶炖趐群
  3. 乳鴿 (四隻)
  4. 鴛鴦蝦仁蒸玉子豆腐
  5. 發菜蠔豉柱甫
  6. 上湯蒜子荳苗
  7. 中式牛柳
  8. 美極大龍蝦(兩隻, 大概十二磅)
  9. 金鉤魚肚浸時菜
  10. 羌蔥焗溫哥華蟹 (兩隻)
  11. 香妃走地雞 (一隻)
  12. 清蒸遊水雙青班
  13. 龍蝦羔蒸蛋
  14. 龍蝦羔炒飯
  15. 合時甜品

Front (from left to right): Sylvia Ng, Winnie Chan, Cecilia Chan, Anna Kwong, Kat Wong, Helen Chow, Lisa Lee

  Back (from left to right): 吳寶鑑, 林民耀, 陳敏然, 梁健明, 鄺漢芬, 陳景良, 王曙明, 鄒秉漢, 廖柱文

   As usual we enjoyed our dinner but most of all the company.


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