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香港Mini Reunion

適逢有加拿大及美國書友來港, 而且覺得喺多倫多嘅reunion餘興未盡, 香港攪手亞精及張慶再攪多一次mini  reunion, 在十一月十八号晚, 於又一村會所設晚宴聚會, 有三十幾人參加. 代表加拿大有雷蒙及女友, 陳景良夫婦, 鄒秉漢夫婦及李兆鏗夫婦. 代表美國有羅定生夫婦, 關英權夫婦. 黄惠和夫婦, 更有剛從澳洲回流吳茂鸞夫婦. 香港有陸慶奇, 衛向榮, 颜啟康, 黄智明, 梁世達夫婦, 陳明生夫婦, 張慶夫婦及千金, 潘漢雄夫婦和伍傑忠夫婦等. 當晚場面熱鬧, 高談闊論, 笑聲不绝, 盡興而歸.

如要觀看全部相片, 請按此

East Coast Classics: National Dancesport Championship held in Sydney Townhall

I have great news to tell. We won both the Open New Vogue and Standard in Masters 2: first time in a National championship: A double win!

You might remember that we won both styles in the New South Wales Open in August this year, but this time is different because of the prestige of the competition. There were 30 couples from all over Australia and New Zealand so it was tough competition. When I looked around my opposition, I found 4 past champions scattered in each style and in particular a three-time Australian champion in the Standard style who had beaten us consistently over our 10 year competition career.

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Letter from Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

As some of you people may possibly be participating in a cruise to the Med. and Spain, and as I'm the only representative, I'd hazard a guess, of the class of '64 permanently living in a Spanish territory, I feel I ought to be saying hello to Philip Lee and anyone who may be taking part in the cruise being recommended by him, whose open invitation dated 12 October refers.

Friends, ex-classmates and contemporaries, greetings from a part of Spain, my second adopted country!

Yes, I have been living in Lanzarote, part of the Canary Islands, since 2008. I had left HK for the UK fairly early in August 64, in fact only days after finding out I had managed to pass the old school cert. I think I might have been the first pupil from the class of 64 to leave HK; and I had spent the subsequent 44 years in old Britain.

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'64 Reunion Quebec Tour: Episode 5 – Again, this could happen again

We woke up at 6. We went to the hotel lobby at 6:45. We board the bus at 6:50 and we were waiting for this couple of idiots who went to the nearby subway to get breakfast. They were waiting in line for the order and would not leave without it. So the whole bus was waiting for them. This put everyone in a grouchy mood. Bad omen appeared again.

                           I knew we were in trouble when the driver did this

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'64 Reunion Quebec Tour: Episode 4 – Café du Monde

The rising of the wind blew away a lot of interest. We were going to walk to the restaurant yet the chill deterred us from loitering around. 

The outside of the restaurant right by the river bank...

                                          ...the inside of the café   

The restaurant was situated right be the river bank with the custom building perching from a platform. This building was constructed with steps that led directly into the river. When the tides rolled in, the steps would be soaked. The restaurant building was separately constructed and it had a balcony that overlooked the river bank. It was dark and we could not see much of the river yet there were customers sitting outside with candle lid tables and enjoying their meal.

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'64 Reunion Quebec Tour: Episode 3 – day of reckoning

We did our usual tourist thing of visiting the Notre Dame Basilica, St Joseph Oratory and the Big O Olympic stadium. The weather was turning miserable. It was foggy and wet. We took the cable car and went to the top of the Big O and we could not see anything when the fog patches were so thick. It was disappointing.

We begin with this        Then things took a different turn on our way to Quebec City.

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'64 Reunion Quebec Tour: Episode 2 – Boris Bistro

                   The outside terrace

Our hotel is on Sherbrook Avenue. Sherbrook Avenue housed a lot of brand name stores. McGill University is also on Sherbrook. The main street St. Catherine Street is just a couple of blocks away. The location was good. The hotel was decent. The street was already dark when we settled in. We could not venture outside for too long. It took 2 cabs and a van to transport us to the restaurant.

The restaurant is inside an office building. There is a space between buildings and the restaurant built a terrace joining the outside wall of the 2 building. They add canopies to shield the sun and keep the rustic outside concrete walls of the buildings exposed. Shrubs and greenery were brought in and the atmosphere was soothing and relaxing. It was dark and we could not sit outside, so we retired to a main dining room.

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'64 Reunion Quebec Tour: Episode 1 - 平親無好嘢

            “Cheapie brings no goodie!”

            This universal law once again proves to be correct.

During our 2012 class reunion, there is an optional Montreal/Quebec tour. Lack of participation smothered our plan for a private customized tour and we turn to a local tourist agency for help. It was a grave mistake.

You cannot beat the price of the tour. It included 2 nights of 4 star hotel and transportation with a tour guide for a measly amount of about $200. The tour was booked solid. There were 14 people from the class ’64 who joined the tour. The rest of the group were from mainland China. My head started to itch.

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Class of 1964 Reunion 2012 Activities

Day 1 – Conference & Gala Dinner

The much anticipated reunion for the class of ’64 opened its curtain on October 1, 2012.  Classmates from Hong Kong, the States and various provinces of Canada assembled in Toronto. We kicked off day 1 with the usual conference to determine on what we should do for the next one in 2014. Since it will be our 50th anniversary, decision on the venue was reached quickly -- Hong Kong. There would be a cruise program either from Hong Kong to Singapore or Hong Kong to Xiamen (厦門). Other activities were also discussed followed by lunch with spouses.

Our Gala Dinner was held at La Rosa (天寶閣) at 7 p.m. We had 51 people in all including an honourable guest - our beloved Ho sir. We mingled and laughed and for sure, putting that many 64ers together in one room, you could be sure of a riot, a riot of fun and joy.

In memory of Gregory Chow (周仁傑), a video was made using some photos of his and was presented at the Gala dinner. To watch the video, click here.

To watch Gala Dinner video, click here

To view more photos on Day 1 please click here.

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Photos From Our Late Classmate 周仁傑

Recently I had a chance to access some photo albums of our late classmate Gregory Chow 周仁傑 and found forty odd photos of him taken with some of us. I found those photos memorable and decided to make a video out of them. I was planning to present it at our 2012 reunion Gala dinner...

To view the video click here please

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