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Class 1961

Articles and News of Class 1961

Visiting Father Farren__Gilbert Chinn

On July 26,  I tagged my wife along to visit Fr Farren in Dublin from The Caribbean Princess cruise ship.
We took the city bus #11 at Trinity College southbound to Cherryfield Lodge.
After we got off the bus we followed the bus driver's direction to walk up the bending road but there was no through road to our destination.
We went back and took another road that leads up to the Lodge.
Fr Farren was saying Mass at the time (10:35am ) when we got there.   We waited and spent half an hour to chat with him after the Mass.
He remembered a number of 61's WY boys and pointed out to me on the big 2011 HK reunion picture that he had.
The first ones were the 2 Martins and Ho Bing Kwong.
I told him I did not graduate from WY. I went to HK Technical College and then further studies in US and Rome, Italy.  I had been an Aircraft engineer for 42 years and now retired.
He fell and got his arm injured while instructing people how to play the back hand tennis. He has fully recovered now.
In all Fr Farren is in good health and "every thing is good" he said.
As we were leaving he wanted to accompany us out to the main walkway, but I insisted that his lunch time was near and we were to do some sightseeing.
We bid farewell at the Lodge entrance. I thanked him for his great dedications to Wah Yan and teaching the WY boys.
My stop in Dublin was worthwhile to see Fr Farren in good health. He is clear, bright and alert, fatherly as well. 

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Vancouver__ 20130627

Hi All

Very happy to see Freddy Fong in Vancouver again. Freddy next is to meet his wife in California and continue on to New York and UK.

(I had my cataract surgery done 2 months ago and didn't wear glasses in the picture) 

Best Regards and Good Health to All. 



It was a heart-warming welcome by our Vancouver friends.   Chatting over dim sum with them and their lovely wives makes this visit memorable.   Thanks again. 

Gilbert and Margaret :    happy sailing! 

Best regards,



Congratulations to Dr. Gabriel Leung, son of the late Carmelo Leung Siu-Tat (61).

Please click the image to read the report from Apple Daily, Hong Kong.

Gabriel Lau Ping-Yuen, R.I.P.

Gabriel Lau ('61) has passed away while vacationing in the United States. He worked for Immigration Department until his retirement two or three years ago. He is quite a well known person in Winnipeg. [The Honourable Philip S. Lee ('60), Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, reports yesterday.]

Condolences to Lin and her family.


In Memory of Lau Ping-Yuen, Gabriel

同學新春團聚 2013


Peter Wu reports:

We had a fun evening last night at the Ningbo Association Restaurant.

Present were:
Wu Ho Mun 胡可滿, Freddie Fong 方偉傑, Peter Wu 吳在釗, Albert Lam 林光宇, Francis Kung 龔蔭聲,
Clement Lee Wan Ho 李文浩, Ronald Lew 廖國治, Nikki Cheung 張志強, Martin Li 李秉漢, Ho Ping Kwong 何秉光, Fred Wu 吳子惠

Martin says, "Our student days were just like yesterday." How true.

[Please click the group photo for more pictures by Peter]

Trip of Patrick Tai to Toronto

Please click the picture to read the story.
Please click here for 61ers in Toronto.
To view more photos of the trip, please click Toronto 2013 - Patrick Tai - Picasa Web Albums

Patrick Tai of Boston in town

Patrick Tai arrived at Toronto on Friday, January 11, 2013 for a few days.  Wong Hin-Shing arranged a welcom dinner on his arrival.  Patrick was taken to the restaurant in Markham by his friend, Chan Kai-Ming.  KM had to leave for home but he enjoyed the chat with the group as he knew some WYK boys of Class 65 very well while attending MIT.
The happy dinner went on for nealy 3 hours as Patrick has not met with some of the locals for years.  Lena Wong and Michael ordered the menu which paired extremely well with the wine, complement of Michael.

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"Dear all,
I am so glad to see you at dinner last night. I recognised some of you but I am afraid not all.  Some of you have changed for the better :)
I am especially glad to meet Ho Sir.
We had wonderful conversation, recalling the "good old days".
The dinner was delicious, thank you so much.
If any of you happens to stop by Cambridge, MA, please stay at my home. My wife and I would love to play host.
I would send you some photos when they are ready.

Dinner at Ningbo Association, Hong Kong


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對照: 見同學新舊照片有感

對照: 見同學新舊照片有感                        余晃英           2012年10月30日萬聖節前夕於溫哥華

-- 顯誠兄排比中學照片及近照, 相隔五十多年, 見而有感,  用七字句記下感受, 聊博一粲, 順表謝意。


Congratulations to Stephen Lam (61)

Stephen is among the 13 Ontarians who were honoured with the 2012 Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship during a ceremony at Queen’s Park on October 18.  Created in 1973, the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship recognizes people who have made exceptional long-term contributions to the quality of life in the province.

Citation reads, “Stephen Lam of Richmond Hill has led many settlement organizations in coordinating a one-stop service for immigrants in York region. He created the first of five welcoming centres for the growing diverse communities in the area, helping more than 10,000 new Ontarians with their transition to Canada.”

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