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Articles and News of Class 1967  (Please also visit the Class of '67 Facebook)

雁過留聲 - 記馮禮和同學 Cecil Chan ('67)

我是F.1 入華仁的,由中文小學轉到英文中學頭幾個月都是和字典打交道。同學們有不同的背景,有一些給人印象特別深刻的如外號“大聲公”的馮禮和。明顯他的性格不是內斂那種。用今天的術語就是“有事大聲說出來”。在課堂上有時會提出和老師不同或相反的意見。記憶中在何鎮源和劉繼業老師的班上比較多。


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Mike Fung Lai-Wo ('67) R.I.P.

Mike Fung Lai-Wo has passed away on November 14, 2015 in Shanghai due to liver cancer. He passed away less than two weeks after the initial diagnosis due to sudden tumour rupture and bleeding. May he rest in peace!

明報周刊 2460 期 ≪我種的樹五十歲了≫‏

An article on John Loo ('67) appears in January 2, 2016 issue of the 明報周刊.   He wants it posted so that we can know him more.  Please click any photo to read the whole article.

The tree is on Wylie Road, inside "Wah Yan College Kowloon". You can search Google Map for a satellite shot of the vicinity. Then when you find "Wah Yan College Kowloon"you will be able to see a swimming pool. This tree is near the swimming pool but it grows stretching out of the school. Turn to Google Map street-view now, and you can move along Wylie Road and see that the tree has a singular grandeur, dwarfing all the passers-by or the passing cars.

John is in orange tee shirt in the colour photo. The black and white photo shows John active in the CLC back in school days.

Chins & Chongs at Montreal Jazz Fest

Chins and Chongs (Patrick Chan, Cecil Chan, Richard Chung, Edward Chung) at the Montreal International Jazz Festival,  July 1, 2015.


聚散隨緣  by Edward Chung ('67)


記得去年底,與曾亮兄在台灣中壢市相約今年暑假再聚於多倫多。經建夏兄鼎力襄助, 果然得與何鎮源老師及華仁(1967)十多位老同學在六月底暢飲一堂!最難得是與建夏兄是闊別四十七年後重逢,及偉屏,沛齡二兄充當導遊,陪伴焯亨兄與我暢遊加東的渥太華,蒙特利爾與魁北克,特此致上衷心感謝!




Joe Chan ('67) with TVB Artists

Joe Chan ('67), President of Fairchild TV,  met with TVB artists in Vancouver yesterday.  Please click the photo for more details.


Tsang Leung with Ed Chung in Taiwan ('67)

Edward Chung ('67) wrote, "Tsang Leung and I had lunch at HK Dim Sum Restaurant at QSquare Taipei last Friday! We had a good time together. Attached is a photo taken outside the restaurant after lunch!"

Class of 1967 Facebook

The class of 1967 has launched its own Facebook page. All members and friends of the class please feel free to post your messages, photos or videos etc and let's get re-connected after all these years.  Please like us - www.Facebook.com/WYK1967 .

Faces,Places: Toronto 2015 reunion (Cecil Chan '67)

Faces,Places: Toronto 2015 reunion

Since leaving WYK in 1967 a few souls seemed to have disappeared into thin air. There have been no reported sighting by radar or sonar. So when I heard that some might show up at the mini reunion at Toronto I was eager to see what they have morphed into.

The top target is Tsang Leung, our wonder boy. What do you know he has not changed that much. The quiet and smiling kid has become the laughing and talking Pro(fessor). I had a peep at his resume. He even mentions graduating from WYK in Hong Kong. Relax Mr. Ho, he remembers (us). 

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Class of 1967 Toronto Reunion

《Toronto Reunion 2015》Cecil Chan('67)

Thanks for the companionship
Road tips and bullshits
The familiar refreshed the unfamiliar refreshing
Things I have done and said
Has long escaped me
And lived in your memory
You light up my life
You fill up my life

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