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Lunch with Arthur Lau (67) from SF

[Please click the image to view the album of happy moments.  John Ho is not in the photo.]
Friday, June 17, 2016; 12:30 PM
Crown Princess Fine Dining (伯爵名宴), 1033 Bay Street, (416) 923-8784.
Arthur Lau writes,"
Hello everyone,
Please accept my apology for answering this chain of emails so late.  I was having too much fun in Toronto and Montreal and got so tired every night that I decided to write back after I get home.  I finally got home last night at about 10pm.
The luncheon on June 17 was a great experience for me.  I have never met with so many long time friends except meeting family uncles and aunties in the past.  It brought back so many fond old memories from the past.  No matter how many times I go back to Hong Kong for visits, which my wife and I do frequently, I cannot get the feeling as I had experienced during the June 17 lunch.  Thanks everyone for making special efforts to be present at this meeting.  I really appreciate and treasure the time we have together.  Let's hope we can do this more often.
By the way, all of us haven't meet for close to 40 years, right?  I met with Victor Chow twice within the last week.  After lunch, we ran into each other in the Bayview Village shopping mall on Sunday, June 19.  My wife and I had enjoyed plenty of good Chinese food while in Toronto.  We also enjoyed visiting many scenic places in Montreal and explored the city by ourselves.  Joe Wong, you cannot be a grandpa overnight!  Work hard on it though!
Special thanks to Raymond for taking the time to contact everyone and arranging for this lunch.
If anyone of you stop by San Francisco Bay Area in the future, please do not hesitate to let Andrew and myself know so that we can get together again.
Andrew Lau writes, " Hi all,

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67 reunion lunch

Dear All,
Both Alex Chiu 趙鳳儔 & David Tse 謝國璇 are visiting us around the same time in July. A re-union lunch is arranged as follows:-
Date: July 11, 2016 Monday
Time: 12:30 a.m.
Place: 君臨天下 Emperor Fine Chinese Cuisine, 9019 Bayview Ave., Richmond Hill. (905) 882-9388
Price: To be advised (subject to no. of attendants).
Please let me know if you can attend at your earliest convenience or by July 6 Wednesday. Look forward to having you.
Happy Father's Day to All,

Lunch with Lau Po-Kwong (67) from SF


[Lau & Wong brothers in 1967 A Grade Football Team.]

Raymond Kwong (66) has reserved a table for lunch with the Lau brothers when they will be in town to attend a wedding.  It will be the first time after 50 years that they meet with their classmates.

Friday, June 17, 2016; 12:30 PM
Crown Princess Fine Dining (伯爵名宴), 1033 Bay Street, (416) 923-8784.
[There is underground parking at 44, Joseph Street as well as street parking. It is within walking distance from the Wellesley and Bay subway stations.]

David 謝國璇 (67) from Sydney Visiting

Dear All,

David Tse 謝國璇, a '67 classmate from Australia will be in town. A get together dinner is scheduled for all of us to catch up as follows:

Date: July 3, 2016 Sunday
Time: 6:30 pm
Place: 君臨天下 Emperor Fine Chinese Cuisine, 9019 Bayview Ave., Richmond Hill. (905) 882-9388
Price: To be advised (subject to no. of attendance).

Please let me know your attendance as early as possible or by June 27 Monday. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


[Visit in 2011 January]   [Visit in 2011 July]

John Loo ('67) on Radio Television Hong Kong Programme - 6 June, 2016



盧劍雄五十年前在母校校園種了一棵苦楝樹。人的年華老去,當年的小樹苗卻已長成參天大樹,不但見證了盧劍雄生命中的起起落落,亦把祝福延續給後人。Please click here to view.

《和啟亮, 焯亨二兄七絕 憶禮和》

和啟亮, 焯亨二兄七絕 憶禮和__鍾文漢
Oh yesterday I was standing by the lawn, staring at the flowers
When a spring breeze began to flutter around my cheeks
At that point I remembered Fung Lai Wo
This evening I put together several lines

雁過留聲 - 記馮禮和同學 Cecil Chan ('67)

我是F.1 入華仁的,由中文小學轉到英文中學頭幾個月都是和字典打交道。同學們有不同的背景,有一些給人印象特別深刻的如外號“大聲公”的馮禮和。明顯他的性格不是內斂那種。用今天的術語就是“有事大聲說出來”。在課堂上有時會提出和老師不同或相反的意見。記憶中在何鎮源和劉繼業老師的班上比較多。


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Mike Fung Lai-Wo ('67) R.I.P.

Mike Fung Lai-Wo has passed away on November 14, 2015 in Shanghai due to liver cancer. He passed away less than two weeks after the initial diagnosis due to sudden tumour rupture and bleeding. May he rest in peace!

明報周刊 2460 期 ≪我種的樹五十歲了≫‏

An article on John Loo ('67) appears in January 2, 2016 issue of the 明報周刊.   He wants it posted so that we can know him more.  Please click any photo to read the whole article.

The tree is on Wylie Road, inside "Wah Yan College Kowloon". You can search Google Map for a satellite shot of the vicinity. Then when you find "Wah Yan College Kowloon"you will be able to see a swimming pool. This tree is near the swimming pool but it grows stretching out of the school. Turn to Google Map street-view now, and you can move along Wylie Road and see that the tree has a singular grandeur, dwarfing all the passers-by or the passing cars.

John is in orange tee shirt in the colour photo. The black and white photo shows John active in the CLC back in school days.

Chins & Chongs at Montreal Jazz Fest

Chins and Chongs (Patrick Chan, Cecil Chan, Richard Chung, Edward Chung) at the Montreal International Jazz Festival,  July 1, 2015.

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