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Class 1967

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Articles and News of Class 1967  (Please also visit the Class of '67 Facebook)


聚散隨緣  by Edward Chung ('67)


記得去年底,與曾亮兄在台灣中壢市相約今年暑假再聚於多倫多。經建夏兄鼎力襄助, 果然得與何鎮源老師及華仁(1967)十多位老同學在六月底暢飲一堂!最難得是與建夏兄是闊別四十七年後重逢,及偉屏,沛齡二兄充當導遊,陪伴焯亨兄與我暢遊加東的渥太華,蒙特利爾與魁北克,特此致上衷心感謝!




Joe Chan ('67) with TVB Artists

Joe Chan ('67), President of Fairchild TV,  met with TVB artists in Vancouver yesterday.  Please click the photo for more details.


Tsang Leung with Ed Chung in Taiwan ('67)

Edward Chung ('67) wrote, "Tsang Leung and I had lunch at HK Dim Sum Restaurant at QSquare Taipei last Friday! We had a good time together. Attached is a photo taken outside the restaurant after lunch!"

Class of 1967 Facebook

The class of 1967 has launched its own Facebook page. All members and friends of the class please feel free to post your messages, photos or videos etc and let's get re-connected after all these years.  Please like us - www.Facebook.com/WYK1967 .

Faces,Places: Toronto 2015 reunion (Cecil Chan '67)

Faces,Places: Toronto 2015 reunion

Since leaving WYK in 1967 a few souls seemed to have disappeared into thin air. There have been no reported sighting by radar or sonar. So when I heard that some might show up at the mini reunion at Toronto I was eager to see what they have morphed into.

The top target is Tsang Leung, our wonder boy. What do you know he has not changed that much. The quiet and smiling kid has become the laughing and talking Pro(fessor). I had a peep at his resume. He even mentions graduating from WYK in Hong Kong. Relax Mr. Ho, he remembers (us). 

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Class of 1967 Toronto Reunion

《Toronto Reunion 2015》Cecil Chan('67)

Thanks for the companionship
Road tips and bullshits
The familiar refreshed the unfamiliar refreshing
Things I have done and said
Has long escaped me
And lived in your memory
You light up my life
You fill up my life

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Class of 1967 Mini-Reunion

Local members of the Class of 1967 gathered together to welcome our classmates from abroad with a sumptuous luncheon organised by Daniel Ho.  Please click here to view the whole album. 

Please click the image for a short video.

Joe Meets Joe (1967) in Vancouver

Joe Wong met briefly with Joe Chan (both of 1967) in the latter's office when his transpacific cruise ship docked in Vancouver.

Class of 67 Mini Reunion Lunch in Toronto

Edward Chung 鍾文漢, Cecil Chan 陳焯亨 and Leung Tsang 曾亮 will come to visit Toronto at the end of next month. 

Daniel Kin Har Ho 何建夏 is organizing a reunion lunch of 1967 WYK schoolmates on June 27th Saturday at 12:00 noon at 世外桃園 Paradise Fine Chinese Dining in North York (in 利是商場 at the north east corner of Finch E & Leslie). 

Leung, Cecil and Edward do not come to Toronto often,  In addition, it would be nice even for all those living in GTA but have not met in years to get together to catch up.

To facilitate booking at the restaurant, your early reply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. would be greatly appreciated.  Please indicate if you are bringing along your spouse or significant other.  Thank you.

Confirmed attendance:

Leung Tsang (Michigan), Cecil Chan (California), Edward Chung (Taiwan), John Kan, Mr. Anthony Ho, Ron Tse, Peter Shum, Andrew Wu,Tim Kwan, Horace Lam (Ottawa), Patrick Chan (Montreal), Robert Ng, Dominic Hui, Daniel Ho, ...

Chau Man-lok, Peter ('67) R.I.P.

Peter, who lived in San Francisco, passed away on Wednesday, March 25, suddenly but peacefully, in SF. His family was by his side.

Peter was rushed to the hospital on Monday, after a fall at home. Doctors discovered a blood clot in his brain, and performed surgery to remove it. Even though the surgery itself was successful, the bleeding never stopped.

The funeral service was held on Saturday, March 28, at noon at Evergreen Mortuary of McAvoy O'Hara at 4545 Geary Blvd.
Click here for the remembrance card at the service. 

We offer our condolences to his family.

Memories of 周民樂 ;       白雲出處從無例 -- 憶周民樂同學

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